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Systems and Tools

General Information

The note system in Avlis allows a character to write notes using a quill, ink, paper, and the talk or whisper channels. The notes can then be converted to a sealed letter by using a signet ring, and addressed by using the quill, ink, and talk or whisper channels. The letters can be opened, breaking the seal and revealing the text of the original note.


  • Quill
  • Ink
  • Paper
  • Note
  • Letter
  • Signet Ring
  • Stamp
  • Indulgance


The system is started by activating a quill and targeting a canister of ink to fill the quill. Then the quill is activated again, and a piece of paper is targeted to begin the writing process. Text is transferred to the note by typing it through the talk or whisper channels after "~~" (without the quotes). The "~~" signifies you are adding to the note or typing a command such as "done". Although what is typed is still visible to other players, anything following the "~~" is to be ignored, as the character is not actually speaking it. The character can talk in between writing the note by simply typing a message as normal without the "~~" symbol, and it will not be added to the note. As you enter text onto the note, it will be echoed to the combat window in the color of the ink. To type a new line, start the line with ~~nl. As the ink in the quill runs out, the color will change (fade) until it runs out and stops. To continue writing the note, the quill must be re-dipped in ink by activating the quill and targeting another ink canister. Targeting a different color ink will cause the two colors to blend together, making a third color. If you want to rename your note, type "~~namenote [your new name]". The note is finished by typing the command "~~done" in the talk or whisper channels, and read by activating it through the radial menu.

To convert a completed note to a sealed letter, activate the signet ring and target the note. To address a letter, activate the quill, target the letter, and type the text the same as for the note itself. You can rename sealed letters the same way you can rename notes: by using the ~~namenote command after targeting the sealed letter with the quill.

To read a note, you can simply use the note, and the text will appear in the combat window. To read the address on a letter, right click on the letter and either select the use function or the touch function. If you select the use function, your character will read the address. If you select the touch function, use it on yourself and your character will read the address. To break the seal and read the letter, right click on the letter and use the touch function on the letter itself. This will break the unique seal, destroy the letter, and replace it with a readable note which can be read as outlined above.

Using the indulgance item on a note will copy the note into an energy form that the gods and goddesses of this world may take notice of. In game mechanic terms, the contents of the note are sent to the DM chat channel of the current server.


  • shake - Empties a portion of the ink from a quill
  • empty - Empties the quill completely
  • nl - Starts a new line on the note
  • namenote [name] - Renames a note or sealed letter
  • done - Ends the writing process

Storing or Binding Notes and Letters

  • Binding Books (Not currently offered)

Very large books will be sold to orders and guilds. These books will allow you to safely bind notes as pages for more permanent viewing. The bindings can be made lockable or open to all. In order to add pages to a book, the binding must be split (unbinding all pages). Then pages can be added back one at a time in any order with a special binding tool. Unbound pages can be left in the book but they may not last long in that form.

When requesting the creation of such a book, please give the title to be engraved on the cover, the total number of pages the book shall hold, and the type of lock if any is needed. Also include your order's special markings that will uniquely identify this book. You may need to check other local laws on having such an item, as well as working with other contractors for transport and installation.

System Constraints

  • Paper Size (number of characters held)
  • Paper Quality (number of characters scribed by dipping the quill)

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