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Fishing is a simple but robust system that allows characters to fish in specific water areas in Avlis.

Getting Started

To fish you need a rod and bait. These items can be purchased from a few BioMerchants on certain modules.

  • Mikona: A Fisherman in the Docks
  • Ferrell: Merin Blimmermoon in Port Eridanus
  • Wilderness: Jerenny Allin in Port Nireth
  • Wilderness: Gleladra Danolin in the Quithranos House Fish Shop

How to Fish

Equip your rod and use your bait near a fishing spot. If you are near a suitable fishing spot then you will move to the water and cast your line. You'll see a splash in the water when your baited hook enters it.

Areas with suitable fishing spots include:

  • Mikona: Road to Mikona, North
  • Ferrell: Port Eridanus, Braegen Pond, the Southlands
  • Wilderness: Port Nireth, Village of Quithranos

There are things you can do to increase your chances of catching a fish:

  • A more dexterous fisherman can reel in a line well while preventing the fish from wriggling off of the hook or breaking the line.
  • A wise fisherman knows where to cast his line depending on the conditions (area, time of day, weather, etc.).
  • Dusk and dawn are ideal times to catch fish.
  • Fishing is often better than normal when it's raining.

Your Catch

What can you catch when fishing? Fish of course!!

Types of Fish

The fish you can catch can be divided into three categories:

  • Common Fish: trout
  • Uncommon Fish: mud eel, salmon
  • Rare Fish: sunfish, barracuda, sea bass

Other Marine Life

You may catch other water creatures such as crabs and lobsters. A few fishermen have even snagged a nixie! These creatures are usually not happy to be caught and may be hostile to the fisherman.


The water can hold both trash and treasure: empty bottles, discarded boots, pouches of gold, etc.

What To Do With Your Catch

  • There are fishmongers in Mikona and Ferrell who are on the lookout for uncommon and rare fish.
  • Trout can be used to slap people. This is not considered a friendly action by the slapee.
  • Some fish can be used in cooking.