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A Death Plane is an alternate plane of existence where the dead spend eternity. There are different planes for different ideals of being.

Seven Heavens

The Seven Heavens is the epitome of lawfulness and goodness. Also known as Mount Celestia.


Bytopia borders with the Seven Heavens and Elysium.


Elysium holds a mixture of all that is good, both lawful and chaotic.


The Beastlands is somewhat more chaotic than its neighbor Elysium, however it is less so than Arborea. Many animals seem to end up here when they die.


Aborea contains the most random of all that is good.


Ysgard is mostly chaos while tending towards good some. The dead here battle in eternal good-natured contests of strength and courage.


Arcadia, while not as purely good as the Seven Heavens, does focus on adherence to the law.


Mechanus is so predictable and organized that it is thought to be the most boring place imaginable.


The Outlands is considered to be in the center of all the outer planes, a balance of all philosophies or no philosophies at all depending on your views.


The Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo is the complete opposite to Mechanus, nothing is planned and anything can, and does, happen.


Pandemonium, as its name suggests, contians a maelstrom of noise and confusion. While it is not entirely immoral, it can be quite harsh to its visitors.


Acheron is a great battlefield on giant cubes where mighty armies fight endlessly in formation in hopeless causes.


Baator, sometimes referred to as The Nine Hells, is a den of depraved creatures who plot tirelessly to take over whatever they desire.


Gehenna is a bleak existence for those who live there, there is some order to the place but not so much as Baator.

The Gray Waste of Hades

The Gray Waste of Hades(AKA The Gray Waste) is a place of apathy and hopelessness that leeches the color from all who enter and saps away a person's will until they no longer have any desire to leave.


Tarterus has been said to be a prison to many souls who find themselves there, where the native inhabitants torture the imprisoned. It's true name is Carceri.


The Abyss is an infinite pit of nefarious and capricious beasts who care only for themselves.

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