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You keep Avlis shiny and new. As part of the QA team, you are responsible for updating all active Avlis modules when an updated module is approved by QA. You will work on a rotating shift with the other Avlis Module Updaters to ensure that modules are updated on a weekly basis. This position reports to the QA Lead.


  • Ensure that all modules are updated in a timely manner when it is your week to update them.
  • Notify players of changes as they are moved to production.


  • Must be a responsible individual that can be trusted with access to all Avlis servers.
  • Internet access with a broadband connection.
  • Ability to commit and stick to a rotating weekly schedule or notify the QA Lead beforehand if the schedule needs to be changed.
  • Preferred basic knowledge of the NWN Toolset with the ability to import haks, tlks and erfs, but is not required.
  • NWN Toolset scripting knowledge a plus. (Not required.)

Job Description

As a module updater, you will be part of a team of four or five people responsible for uploading all ten Avlis modules on a weekly basis. The QA Lead will create a monthly schedule. Each week a different Module Updater will be responsible for updating (not building, that's the responsibility of the Builders) all the modules.

Modules will be uploaded by the active Module Uploader when it is signed off on by the QA Team. Modules can be uploaded throughout the week by the responsible Module Updater as they are ready.

Having a weekly schedule should keep the updating workload reasonable. You should expect to spend 15 minutes per module on the week you are reponsible for modules. Some weeks will require less time. Some weeks will require more. In the case of major system updates, the QA Lead may split the modules to be uploaded between two or more Module Updaters to keep the workload reasonable and timing close.


Avlis Boards Name:

First Name:

Last Name:


Timezone are you in? (GMT +/-)

Do you have a broadband connection?

How long have you been playing on Avlis?

Are you currently a Team Member? If so, please list your current position and how long you have been with the Team.

If you are not a Team Member, have you been an Avlis Subcontractor? If so, please list all projects that you have completed and which active Team Members you have worked with.

How long have you been using the NWN Toolset and what have you done with the toolset?

What kind of NWNX experience do you have?

Can you commit two and a half hours of time per week, once a month to uploading modules?

As a Module Updater you will have remote desktop access to all the Avlis servers. What makes you a responsible person that can be trusted with this access?

Do you have anything else to add?