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The Avlis wiki is a work in progress, and everyone can join in and help. This page is for those who are looking for something to wikify, a new category to make, or just check and see what is currently being done.

You can help by expanding stubs or creating wanted pages.

Continuous projects

These are ever-ongoing projects, which will probably never be fully completed.

Adding wanted pages

Wanted pages are pages that have a link to them somewhere, but don't exist yet. When coming across a red link, that means the page in question is one of those wanted pages.

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Wiki pages that need to be written

Categorizing pages

Every page needs to have a category. If a fitting category doesn't exist, one should be made. Since these were originally done piecemeal, Krator started an organized index of categories. It shows categories in a suggested hierarchy. This should be expanded, and new pages categorized using it as a guideline. See Avlis Wiki talk:Categories for current work.

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Index and hierarchy of categories
Uncategorized pages

Crosslinking Pages

Something that is always good to do, is make words link to other pages. Internal linking is what makes the wiki a good resource and library, so every word that cán link to a relevant page, should link there. In general, every regular wiki editor is busy adding links to pages.

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Dead-end pages
Dead-end pages are pages without any links on them. This should be avoided unless it's a special page.
Orphaned pages
Orphaned pages are pages without any pages linking to them. This should be avoided unless it's a special page.

Removing stubs

Stubs are small pages that are a little more than an empty page: someone already made the page and added a small explaination to it, and, most importantly, added it to the stubs category. This category makes it possible to track stubs easily, and allow editors to look for pages that need expansion.

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Character Stubs (stubs subcategory specifically for characters)

Finding Orphans a home

Orphans are pages that are neglected and not linked to, often with good content, sometimes with little; but they all need their love. Looking for orphans actively via Special:Lonelypages helps us to keep track of these.

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Interwiki Links to the NWN wiki

Links to all NWN-game engine related things except Spells, Classes, and Races should be linked like [[NWN:Pagename|Pagename]]. This is possible as of now.

Replacing the content of an existing page with {{NWNlink}} to other than Spells, Classes, and Races related pages will redirect the related page on NWNwiki.

This isn't the best option, obviously. So the current best solution is to go to the 'wanted page', select 'What Links Here' and fix the links to the page that really should be on NWNwiki by prefexing the link with NWN:.

For instance, [[Cleave]] becomes [[NWN:Cleave]]. It's also suggested you give the link a description, so the example above would become [[NWN:Cleave|Cleave]].

Current Projects

These projects can be finished and are usually of smaller scope than the continuous projects.

When adding your name to the "users working on this project" list, please do it in the following format: ":[[User:Name]](Priority 1-10)", where priority 1 is a forgotten side project, and 10 is that you're working on it right now in another tab/window.

When adding a project, please do it in the same format as the others. Projects are listed in chronological order.

Please add your projects and your name to projects you're working on.

Removing Pg: prefix

The Pg: prefix is something that is added to a lot of the older pages, while nothing really sets those pages apart, like other prefixes like Help:, Special:, Guild:, and PCs: do. The Pg: prefix makes it difficult to find pages using the "Go" feature, typing in the URL, or using a Firefox quicksearch bookmark.

The solution when finding a page with the Pg: prefix would be to either:

1. Move the page to the same name without the Pg: prefix, or
2. Make the page without the Pg: prefix a redirect to the one with the prefix.

Either is fine, but do watch out for broken redirects.

Update: All pages have been moved. Now the only thing that needs to be done is remove all links to Pg: pages. This will be a slow process: try to remove them whenever you see any.

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Pages that start with Pg:


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Mentor Program

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Ithilla Information

Add a short guide to the spelljamming system on Ithilla to the wiki.

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NWNwiki Gameworlds Page

Remove this stub on the NWN wiki and make it mention Avlis (and other large PWs)

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