Arcane Snack Theory

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Explained Arcane Theory Using Snacks (EAT US)

Flenken Jolliemausch

Senior Magus, Red Order of the Flame

The Theory of Snacks

Andrinor does love snacks and does use them as a guide for providing ARCANE POWER to his magi. This does differ depending on Wizards or Sorcerors. The guide below does explain Arcane Theory using these snacks to help the layman to understand the concepts.

Of Wizards and Cupcakes

Each spell circle for a wizard is represented by a box, jaa it is true! And each spell that they do know of that circle is a yummy snack, like a cupcake! (More cupakes do equal more ARCANE POWER!)

A wizard can only cast the spells that he did prepare, much like eating only the cupcakes that you did pack into the box. So, as each spell is a flavor of cupcake, he must pack the proper variety of cupcakes in each box to be effective. I myself can pack many cupcakes, and do know well over 200 varieties! Jaa!

Of Sorcery and Milk

The sorceror does ne get their ARCANE POWER like a wizard does. Neen! The lord Andrinor did eat so many of the delicious cupcakes that he did become thirsty! So... Sorcerors do get their magic flowing in the form of milk!

Each circle of magic that a sorceror can call upon is a jug. The jug does hold the power that they do need. And while a sorceror can only know so many spells, these spells draw from the jug of their spell circle! And what are the spells? Why cups of course! And where each spell circle is a jug, they do fill and empty whatever cup they do need at the time until they run out of milk from the jug. Some sorcerors they can possess large jugs! Magus Miette for example must have HUGE jugs! Jaa!

~F. Jolliemausch