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Avlis is a world of steel and magery where no one race or philosophy predominates, and heroes from all perspectives battle to further their cause and make a name for themselves. Avlis is implemented as a persistent world for Neverwinter Nights. This world has multiple servers. Each one runs its own mod, which consists of a piece of the world, such as a city. All of the servers are connected, and a player can go seamlessly from one to another. Keep this in mind as you travel and as the world expands. To start playing on Avlis, follow the instruction on the start page here.

Avlis is a role-playing environment created for use online, using the Internet. It is continuously running and available to use. This fantasy setting was created by the merger of three things:
  • the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role playing game (RPG);
  • the Neverwinter Nights (NWN) computer RPG;
  • a long-running pen and paper (PnP) game, the Avlis campaign, that over the past twenty years has developed the rich history and storyline used in the online version.

This PnP game is run (Dungeon Mastered/"DMed") by Orleron, and utilizes the D&D rules. But Avlis on the Internet is more than the sum of all three of these things.

  • It is more than D&D because it allows you to play roles that were never possible in that RPG – politician, blacksmith, bowyer, innkeeper, merchant, and many more.
  • It is more than NWN because it contains features developed by the team that NWN does not have – custom races like playing a wemic, the inclusion of religions to build into the role you want to play, the ability to craft you own armor, clothing and weapons, even its own custom background music.
  • It is more than the pen-and-paper (PnP) Avlis campaign because, while the original campaign is played by perhaps a dozen dedicated roleplayers, Avlis on the internet is enjoyed by over a thousand people.

Avlis online has two dozen team members, from DMs to programmers to quest and area builders and webmasters, who work diligently to ensure that Online Avlis is enjoyed by all of them. And this is a work in progress; whilst many areas are fully developed, there are many more geographic areas and environments to be added into this project.

So if you seek high fantasy with intense roleplay, where your character and the characters around you come to feel not just like a collection of stats and pixels but true living beings, then Avlis is the place for you.