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The Avlis Event Calendar is used primarily to schedule events. This can be done as public events; or private, guild events. Be sure to include relevant information in the body area of the post. There is no "time" linked with the calendar, simply the date, so your post will have to include that information in it. Also, consider using GMT Time Conversion and Countdown Timerto help ensure people know when your event(s) will be.

Public Events

  1. Create a post on Open (Public) Events (or alternatively, some have used the IC Avlis Taverns.)
  2. Create a new topic if necessary
  3. Scroll down to the bottom section below the Save Draft | Preview | Submit buttons
    Calendar tab.jpg
  4. Click the Calendar tab and fill in relevant options.
    Calendar options.jpg
  5. After everything looks good, you can Submit your post and it will show up under the Avlis Events Calendar.

Private Events

  1. Create your post NOT in the Open Events or the Avlis Taverns, but inside of your guild forums!
  2. Follow the same instructions as above, but select TYPE: PRIVATE