Bardic Music:Fascinate

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Requirements: Bard 1, Perform 4
Range: personal
Area of effect: 25 m. radius
Duration: 1 round / bard level
DC: 10 + bard levels/2 + perform/8
Save: Will negates

With the Fascinate song, bards can use their music or poetics to mesmerize one or more hostile creatures. Each creature must be within 25 meters and be able to see and hear the bard. At first level, a bard may entrance a single creature; for every three levels a bard attains beyond the first, they can captivate one additional creature with a single performance.

Any creature who fails its save and is vulnerable to mind-affecting abilities will stop what it is doing and listen to the song, taking no other actions for the length of the performance.

Any attack upon fascinated creatures or their allies will immediately break the effect.

Note: for Fascinate to work properly when with a group of PCs, they need to be in a party; if not, the creatures will continue to view the non-partied creatures as enemies.