Chasworth Keep

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Originally home of the M'Chekian noble family of Nelthrope, this keep was under direct threat from marauding T'Nanshi Forces during the M'Chek/T'Nanshi War. Its people were still threatened by roving bandits after the war, but the Nelthrope lands were richer than most due to the famed Nelthrope Mine.

In AOD 2263 Lord Cornelius Nelthrope was slain in a Private War with Lord Dunster after Nelthrope murdered Dunster's nephew, Limonay "Lemonade" Dunster, the famed Seaqualizer of Mikon. Lord Tobias Chasworth lost his keep and lands in the same war, so the government of M'Chek awarded Nelthrope Keep to Lord Chasworth. The keep and mine below it were subsequently renamed Chasworth Keep and Chasworth Mine.

The former Chasworth lands in the M'Chekian northeast have since been dubbed Shadow Keep, although the nearby Greylake Village residents may still refer to it as "Old Chasworth Keep".