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CoPaP Rules

1) A CoPaP DM may not abuse their powers to advance their CoPaP PC in any way. The terms "abuse" and "advance" are defined by the world leaders of each server. A DM who is found doing that may have their PC banned on the world they offended.

2) ALL plots run by CoPaP DM's that span more than one server MUST get a running summary posted in the CoPaP Storylines forum. The story thread must contain an up to date list of every NPC in the plot that is being run with the NWN player client. Ambassadors of all worlds involved in the plot are responsible for making sure their DM's know about it.

3) No CoPaP DM may use their own player character in any of their own cross-server plots. They can, however, use their own player character in the plot if it is being run by another DM, so long as they dont' violate rule #1.

Avlis Rules

1) No Avlis DM may use his or her own player character in their own or another DM's plot.

2) A DM who finds his or her player character nearby a plot run by another DM, and does not have permission to be there must leave the area immediately.

3) No Avlis DM may modify their own PC's items or experience in any way. If you are caught doing this, you will be fired, and you will be banned.

4) An Avlis DM's PC cannot receive DM prestige rewards unless given permission to do so by a Major or Senior DM. Regular minor awards and gold are ok within reason.

5) If you use your character as an NPC in a plot at all, the character is IMMEDIATELY retired and removed from the vault, never to be played again, except as an NPC. Violation of this rule will get you fired and banned.

6) A DM's PC who gets turned into an NPC may never receive a single new item or xp point or gold piece ever again as an NPC.

Clarification A "plot" is defined as an ongoing storyline of more than three sessions. It is distinct from a "one-off", which is a single adventure. Avlis DM's can participate in one-off's but not plots. Once a one-off becomes a plot after more than three sessions, the Avlis DM's PC must leave it.

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