Getting Started on the Avlis Wiki

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Step 1 (Create an Avlis Wiki account)

  • Click here to create a new account
  • Enter your forum user name in the box next to
Your user name:
  • Think of a password and enter it in the boxes next to:
Your password:
Retype password:
  • (Optional) Enter your email address and name
  • Click Create new account

Step 2 (Create an Avlis Wiki user home page)

  • Click on your username, the red link at the top of every wiki window when you are logged in (it should be the name you entered in step 1, and the link will turn blue after you finish this step)
  • Click the edit tab
  • If you play in Avlis, as the first line in the large text box, type:
where UserName is the name you entered in step 1, this will link your user name into the player category here
  • Add any other information you want other players to see (times you are in game, areas you can often be found in ...)
  • Check Watch this page (you check This is a minor edit when you are making only a small format change to a page and you check Watch this page if you want to know when a page has been edited)
  • Press Save Page or hit "alt-s"