I See Red

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By Willem Lightheart

Come one, come all
Come short, come tall
Come and listen in
Come thick and thin
Come young, come old
Hear the stories to be told

A flash of red I did see
As something just ran past me
As I shook my head to clear my eyes
I finally saw to my surprise
With arms and legs flying in the air
It was a monk with very red hair

You really should see her dance
The Elysian spiders they have no chance
Right in the middle just watch her run
Dancing around fireballs just for fun
Those spiders really are not very smart
Missing her they tear each other apart

She knows another trick or two
She might disappear right in front of you
Or even try to knock someone down
I often see her here walking in town
So if you see this girl with hair like a flame
Just remember that Lotus is her name