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Gubblebub Fizzywhiz

Current Age: Approaching 100 (but who really keeps track?)

Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Residence: Visimontium

Affiliations and Titles:

  • Senior Mage, Transmutation, Red Order of the Flame
  • Elected Representative of Andrinor's Trust, Visimontium City Council

Former Affiliations

Research Interests

  • Transmutation of self and other objects
  • Illusions & Shadow Magic
  • Divinations and Fatespinning

Gubblebub looks odd for a gnome, as he lacks the merry twinkle in his eye typical of his bretheren and has an unusually short nose. While his hair is nearly always in disarray, the rest of him is spectacularly ordered. His robes are neatly pressed and impeccably clean, and he typically smells faintly of soap, bleach, and sometimes cinnamon.

Always one for propriety, he is very rarely seen in attire other than his robes. In very, very special occasions, he will wear a formal suit, made for him by a dear friend, Mrs. Grace Dane-Unulder. He is also nearly always with his staff, also a gift from Mrs. Unulder, and he keeps it clean and polished to a brilliant shine.

History and Traits
Not only does Gubblebub look strange for a gnome, his behaviour is anything but ganoomy. He suffers obsessive-compuslive disorder and is constantly cleaning -- not necessarily because he wants to (although who wouldn't like a nice a tidy room?) but because he can't stop himself. Born in Deglos, Gubblebub grew up in Southern M'Chek and speaks little of his home...the Fizzywhiz family business in Deglos revolved around sugary-sweet soda pops, of which Gubblebub finds repulsive, especially how the sticky sugars tend to coat everything they come in contact with.

Not knowing what to do with himself and lacking any skills but the scholarly, Gubblebub turned to the arcane. After years of study and seeking out mages from all of Andrinor's Orders across Southern Avlis, Gubblebub finally joined the Red Order of Flame. Though the light-hearted Order (or lackthereof?) has welcomed him with open arms, he often finds himself looking over his shoulder to see what little tricks the Senior Magi may have in store for him.

With little formal tutelage outside of the Academy of Mortal Magic's required lectures, Gubblebub has taught himself a wide variety of the Arcane, focusing primarily in his youth on Illusions and Transmutations, but then shifting with time to Divination. The concepts of spinning fate intrigue him, and while he begrudges Artorius Illurien a great many things, Gubblebub cannot help but respect and be a little in awe of the master Fatespinner. He does aspire to one day teach at the Academy, but with his new elected position has yet to determine whether or not his new duties will allow him to do so.

Gubblebub is not the friendliest gnome ever, though he makes an effort to be more welcoming to younger mages. He is very proper at all times, and it has taken many many years of prodding and teasing from his close companions for him to loosen up.

More recently he was actually arrested in the City of Mikona on grounds of assault and misuse of magic in an attempt to murder a young shaahesk. He spent several long and cold hours in what Elyl Ka'aestar and Gurth Istar have dubbed "Club Mikona" with only the petulant Guard Sarrena Sunflower and his dear friend Vintrinia Carnen to keep him company and hold the rats at bay. Well...only Vintrinia held the rats at bay. Ms. Sunflower was too busy snickering.

Recent Hiatus
After the reported death of good friend Lord Ayren Milen, Gubblebub relieved himself of any further teaching duties at the Academy, resigned his positions with the Visimontium City Council and the High Mage Council, and relinquished senior administrative tasks within the Red Order. He then took the naval vessel bequeathed to him by the late noble and sailed north to research the personal hygiene and mating habits of various animal species on the isles off the coast of the Kurathene Empire.

After several years up north, Gubblebub compiled his reports and left the ship's crew to return to the still living Ayren (Gubblebub was never one for the high seas).

Through his travels across Southern Avlis, one companion has remained the most steadfast to Gubblebub - Geris Grey. Despite half-nymph's disgusting scruffiness, intolerable manners, and constantly using the gnome to pickup women, Gubblebub has yet to find a friend he can depend on as much. Other notable companions of Gubblebub include Vintrinia Carnen, Archmage Xilo'rulithii, Mr. Morran & Mrs. Grace Dane Unulder, Archmage Ormane, Miette Hartley, Admiral Milen, his one-time Red Order Protege, Flenken Jolliemausch, and former student, Anthony Rother.