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Hyacinth Pike

Hyacinth Pike
Race: Human
Classes: Paladin of Gorethar
Guild affiliations: Order of Gorethar, M'Chekian Guard
Most active on server: Mikona
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Hyacinth was raised primarily by her uncle's family, on the Divalok river outside of Red Gate in the Seven Cities. Concerned about early signs that she would be a trouble-maker and despite strained financial circumstances, her uncle indebted himself to provide her with both a moral and a practical education at the Red Gate Gorethite Academy. During this time she befriended Almarien Bahlawkwa -a fellow student- and her family. Despite Hyacinth's initial failures in the Academy, she eventually bloomed into a willing and disciplined student, and, much to her own surprise as well as that of those around her, a paladin of Gorethar.