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Thienna Relimion
Race: Avariel
Classes: Sorcerer (Fatespinner)
Most active on server: All
Contact: [Board name GunnJ
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Thienna Relimion is an avariel sorcerer, raised in Stalwart, one of the Confederation of the Seven Cities. She is an accomplished Evoker and Conjurer, but her true passion lies in Divination and the advanced magical study of Fatespinning.

Appearance and Mannerisms

Thienna is of average height and size for an avariel, but shapely where many other elven women are simply thin. Her skin is a creamy porcelain that easily reveals a blush. She has dark hair that is usually mistaken for black, but when the light is right shows a deep olive green. In stark contrast her eyes are a light violet. Perhaps in compliment to her eyes, she often wears a light lilac scent. Her wings are always kept downy and soft by washing out the natural oils that would normally harden them. Because of this they do not shed water as they should, and therefore she is always ready to cast a shield at the first hint of rain. Her one bad habit that she finally seems to have grown out of was to shred the tip of a trailing feather.

She speaks with an educated, soft accent most recognize from the city of Stalwart of the Seven Cities. She shows training in several languages, including brekon orcish, nanshilae, and drangonari.

When not wearing her Blue Order robes, she often wears an exotic silk brocade outfit that, if one is knowledgeable of such things, hints at Crullathian fashion not seen for several hundred years. She is often seen carrying a mage's staff, but never leans on it or uses it as a crutch or cane in any way. When divining she often uses a pretty and completely mundane snowglobe.

Always graceful, her movements have changed slightly over the recent months from willowy, to having more of a honed edge. She now often falls into long, thoughtful pauses where it seems she is not paying attention to the conversations going on round her, and she has the faintest touch of darkness under her eyes.

Despite this, she is more cheerful than she has been for many, many months. And though she no longer blushes so easily as before, she often lets herself laugh fully.


Her Upbringing in Stalwart

Thienna was a foundling, left on the doorstep of the Orthenis Orphanage of Stalwart. This orphanage was not a charity, but a business operation. Madam Orthenis would studiously train the orphans put into her care, watching their progress carefully. Those with less talent would be raised to the proper age, then be apprenticed to many of the various Trades within the city. Those with greater talent would continue to be taught the graces and manners of courtly life, to one day become select employees of some of the more discerning establishments of the city. Some may even become trusted servants of the noble families or rich merchant families. But all this does not come without a price. Those raised in the Orthenis Orphanage are indentured servants, the costs of their training and studies kept in accounts. When a student is sufficiently trained, their indenture contract is sold to whomever is willing to pay this amount (plus a sizable commission, of course.) The bright side to all of this is that once a student is hired as an employee, a part of their wages is directed towards paying off this debt, and as someone trained by Orthenis is usually well-paid, the indenture can be paid off in a very reasonable timeframe.

Into this specialized life came the most amazing find... An avariel child, wide-eyed and solemn. The Avariel had disappeared decades before, none knew where they had gone to, and none could discover how this babe came to be left on this particular doorstep as far from the avariel city of Toostan as could be managed.

Madam Orthenis could not believe her good fortune, and watched over Thienna's upbringing most carefully. Certainly an exotic avariel was not destined to live life as a simple servant or employee, but would grace the palaces and mansions of the titled and wealthy. Her training was incredibly strict, with very action, every movement, examined and critiqued. She wore the finest clothes of any student, was given more care and attention than any other student, yet she was not allowed to participate in many of the usual games as the other children, for the staff was too worried that her wings, the focus of her exotic beauty would somehow be hurt or the feathers damaged.

Thienna was carefully trained as a chatelaine. When her training was complete, her contract was not simply made for sale, but offered for bid.