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Basic information

Name: Ulu Elexin
Race: Elf
Class: Mage - Transmutant
Titles: Great Mage of Arms
Co-founder of the Golemancy Institute
Order: Ebony Order of the Moon
Server: Mikona
Contact: Leave a note

Ulu is an Elven Transmutant who was born and raised in the Dwarven nation of Galdos, before being sent to the south to begin her apprenticeship with the Ebony Order of the Moon. She speaks little of her upbringing or indeed about anything from her personal life and early years as an adventurer. What little is known of her early years is an initial apprenticeship to the 7th Archmage of Ebony, Amand Xilo. Her apprenticeship eventually transferred to Magus Vesdrac Noss'tau after Xilo's demise. It was due to this training that she became more than capable of both using melee and magic to take down her opponents. All her spells are cast both silently and quickly.

In late 2258 she was promoted to Great Mage of Arms for the Ebony Order of the Moon, and since holding this position she schedules regular Ebony only sessions in various AMM locations in the south. The subject is not made public but it would be reasonable to assume these classes are related to her new title.

Former affiliations

Midnight Mercenary Company
M'Chekian Blackhawks
Violet Order of the Skull