Practical Divinations for Fatespinning Learnings

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Practical Divinations for Fatespinning Learnings!

-Flenken Jolliemausch

Senior Magus, Red Order of the Flame

Divinations and Fatespinning

The Divinations that one does learn are of much importance in learning to correctly manipulate the spin of an object's probability and possibility as the event on the timeline does draw near. This will ne be a reading of Fatespinning theories, but rather it does assume one has studied such theory on their own and is prepared to begin applications.

The next chapters will deal with some useful Divination spells and how, through careful studyings, one may see the secrets of Fatespinning more clearly, jaa!

Identifyings and Legendary Lores!

The humble Identifyings spell is much gudie for learning some of the history and qualities that a given physical item does possess. Consider this your first chance to try to see more of what something is than your eyes alone do tell you!

The Legend Lore does improve upon the Identifyings spell, and increase your vision of such objects. This will help you to one day see their spin!

Strikings of Truth!

The True Striking spell does work in a way different than other enhancer spells. Rather than making one more strong, or fast, or making their weapon more sharp... it does help to anticipate the next movement of your target by giving you a slight glimpse of the upcoming event and helping you to better see the probability of contact. The spell does ne last long, but can help one who does have a difficult time seeing his opponent's strategies!

Finding the Traps that Do Cause Ouchies!

Divination does have a spell which does assist in locating dangerous traps which have been hidden from your viewing. This does ne help much with Fatespinning but is worth noting here as ne anybody does wish to have a series of spikes or arrows striking them in the buttocks because they did step on the wrong floor tile while trying to retrieve a most exquisite piece of cake!

Seeing of the Invisible, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance and Truthful Seeings!

These three spells I shall speak of in a group as they do help you to see that which can ne be seen by normal visions. Clairaudience/Clairvoyance does heighten your vision and hearing somewhat, using the power of Divination to give a sixth sense of your surroundings! Jaa it is a gudie spell to know!

Seeing of Invisible does just that; you do see that which is cloaked in invisibility. Divination does cut through such magics with ease, as Divination is about seeing what is, was, and will be! It is true!

Speaking of that which is true, we will now discuss True Seeings! The spell does allow invisible seeing, and increase your ability to see hidden people with your eyes, so it does function with some of the Clairvoyance power as well as Seeing of Invisibles. Also, it does help you to see through an illusionary spell, jaa! As I did say, Divination is about seeing what really is!


The final spell I shall be mentioning is Premonition. If you do think back to our earlier talkings of True Strikings, we did tell of a short future vision that does help you anticipate an enemy's movement and thus aim your swing better. Premonition does work in a similar way, only it is completely defensive in nature, and does allow a slightly longer duration of vision.

As your enemy does attack, you can see it coming a few seconds before and be able to move out of the way of the blow, or position yourself to allow it to deflect harmlessly (or mostly at least!) This spell has been an invaluable tool for the Fatespinning research I have done, and you must make gudie use of it!


I have outlined many spells of a proper nature to be studying in order to better understand the concept of the Fatespinnings. I did leave out a few Divinations, as they do ne add much to the research in that direction. A true Diviner, however, would look to study those spells as well. The Power Words, for instance, do give a glimpse into how with but a verbal component one can control a situation completely!

Gudie luck to you in your endeavors, and may your timeline events spin in your favor!