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You are the gate keeper. It is your job to make sure that all the content added for the Avlis servers is bug-free before it is added. In support of this lofty goal, it is your job to organize the bug hunt when issues appear in production. You manage the building and coding guidelines, as well as the people who enforce them. You are responsible for hiring and managing QA tester subcontractors. You make decisions and recommendations to the Avlis Team on all CCC team applications. This position reports to the Project Manager.

  • The Avlis QA Lead position is currently maintained by: Hamlet.


  • Hire, promote and task QA subcontractors and Module Updaters.
  • Sign off on all updates to production.
  • Manage the building and coding guidelines and ensure that builders adhere to them.
  • Ensure that haks and erfs are safe to import.
  • Manage the item haks.
  • Ensure that all modules are updated in a timely manner.


  • Knowledge of the NWN Toolset, including building modules, importing haks, tlks and erfs, and NWSCript.
  • Able to use NWNX to run servers.
  • Minimum 3 months of experience scripting or building for Avlis.
  • Ability to manage people and delegate tasks as necessary.
  • Preferred knowledge of SQL.
  • Preferred knowledge of object oriented programming (OOP) programming concepts.

Job Description

It is your responsibility to ensure we have active Module Updaters. When these positions needs to be filled due to a vacancy or inactivity, it will be your responsibility to advertise for the position(s), gather applications and send them to the Project Manager for discussion and review. Final decision will be made by you and the Project Manager and approved by Orleron. It is then your responsibility to ensure an acceptance or rejection email is sent to all applicants as appropriate. Applicants should expect to get a final response within two weeks of submitting their application.

You are also responsible for hiring subcontractors to act as Quality Assurance testers as needed and/or requisitioning existing available subcontractor resources from the Project Manager. It is your responsibility to train new testers and assign projects to be tested in the order assigned by the Project Manager. It is further the responsibility of you and your QA team to reproduce bugs as necessary when directed to do so by the Project Manager, or when you see a need and have time.

The QA Lead is responsible for managing the bug tracking databse, including keeping up with bugs and assigning and revoking bug DB privelages to Team Members. You will work with the Project Manager to make sure that the Team keeps on top of important and highly visible bugs.

You are responsible for maintaining the building and coding guidelines. The QA group will be responsible, under your direction, with ensuring the building, coding and erf import guidelines are followed. You are the final authority on what goes into a module. Nothing goes to production without your approval.

The QA Lead will train module updaters and ensure they have the tools they need to do their job. You will schedule Module Updaters and updates so that all modules get needed updates on a periodic basis. Along with the Module Updaters, you will be responsible for making sure that what you approve gets into the modules and pushed into production. You will further ensure that the players are aware of these updates when they happen and what is included in them.

You will be authorized to ask for Team volunteers and/or hire additional Team members (with approval) to delegate responsibilities assigned to you as needed.


  • Contact the Staff group on the Avlis forum to request a current application. This is an example.

Avlis Boards Name:

First Name:

Last Name:


Timezone are you in? (GMT +/-)

Do you have a broadband connection?

How long have you been playing on Avlis?

Are you currently a Team Member? If so, please list your current position and how long you have been with the Team.

How long have you been using the NWN Toolset and what have you done with the toolset?

What kind of NWNX experience do you have?

Do you have any programming or database experience? If so, what experience do you have? How long have you worked with each language/database?

Have you ever worked as a programmer professionally? ___ Yes __ No

If yes, what kind of programming did you do?

Do you have any experience managing people?

How do you delegate responsibility?

What do you like about Avlis?

As the QA Lead it will be your job to be the gatekeeper and tell builders when their modules cannot be imported. Do you feel comfortable with this? How would you handle a fellow Team Member who was upset that you rejected their hard work?

As the QA Lead you will have remote desktop access to all the Avlis servers. What makes you a responsible person that can be trusted with this access? You will also be responsible for deciding who else gets access. What makes you capable of handling this responsibility?

What would make you a good QA Lead?

Do you have anything else to add?