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Avlis Chat Code of Conduct

There are 2 separate Chat servers linked from the Avlis Forums. This page provides the Code of Conduct for those servers. The authoritative source of these rules is the Avlis Policy on: Discord/IRC Chat thread in the Avlis Forums.

Avlis Community Chat (Discord / IRC)

The Avlis Community Chat is not managed/moderated/owned/controlled by the Avlis Team. Therefore a person in that chat room who is on the team has no more authority than any other member. None of the rules of the Avlis Forums or Avlis Team Discord apply to the Avlis Community Chat. Having said that, we hope that our player base is respectful to the rest of the community at all times. All rules or moderation of this chat room are up to the community and are not endorsed by the Avlis Team.

Avlis Team Chat (Discord)

The Avlis Team Chat is managed/moderated/controlled by the Avlis Team. It is provided as a direct connection for the players to communicate with the team. We expect all players to follow rule 0, which means be respectful to each other and if you suspect that something is wrong, it probably is.