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Roleplaying Related

Speaking for NPCs

Simply said, don't do it unless you have the title "DM" underneath your name.

You speak for your own characters but not NPC's (The City Guard, The Government, Commoners, Temples of various gods, etc. - all off limits to non-DMs)


A sex crime is any act that meets any of the following criteria: - Non-consentual, In Character sexuality of any kind. - Non-consentual, Out of Character sexuality of any kind. - Any form of sexuality with a minor (per the United States most strict definition of a minor).

Roleplaying Sex Crimes in Avlis or any Avlis owned/controlled medium is prohibited.

Roleplaying includes, but is not limited to: stories, rumors, and accusations In Character.

This is a zero tolerance policy and anyone caught commiting sex crimes of any kind in Avlis or any Avlis owned/controlled medium will be immediately banned from ALL Avlis owned/controlled mediums.


Independent of your race, class, alignment, age, deity, length of beard, sexual preference, oppressive BO and other such stuff: the same rules apply to every character.

1) The DM sponsor of the guild you're trying to spy and spying for knows about it.

2) All information spied MUST pass through this DM.

This includes Changelings.

The Domination Effect

Domination provides physical control over the victim of the spell, as long as the action would not bring the victim direct harm.

Domination does not provide mental control over the victim of the spell.

Domination does not allow you to force someone to tell the truth.

1. "kill yourself" - BAD, can be ignored
2. "jump off this building" - BAD, can be ignored
3. "attack _____" - GOOD
4. "did you ____" - BAD, victim does not have to answer truthfully
5. "go into that house" - GOOD
6. "return to your guild hall" - BAD
7. "Show me the ring on your hand" - GOOD
8. "show me the item that allows you to enter ______" - BAD

Speaking: Familiars,Changelings,Shapeshifters &Telepathy

You can find more information on this ruling, and ask questions about it in this thread here:

Speaking Familiars

While familiars are magical animals, they do not all gain the ability to speak. Only the following familiars have vocal chords allowing them to speak:

  • Faerie Dragon
  • Imp
  • Mephits
  • Pixie

Speaking While Shapeshifted

Shifting into a new form does not allow you to speak with animals of that type. Nor does it allow you to communicate with Druids or Rangers. Most shifter forms are incapable of speech. In addition to PC races, only the following forms have vocal chords which allow you to speak:

  • Azer
  • Balor
  • Death Slaad
  • Demonflesh Golem
  • Dragons (Wyrmlings to Ancient)
  • Gargoyle
  • Giants (Fire or otherwise)
  • Harpy
  • Lupin
  • Medusa
  • Mind Flayer (Illithid)
  • Minotaur
  • Manticore
  • Rakshasa
  • Risen Lord
  • Spectre
  • Tlincalli
  • Troll
  • Vampire

Speaking as a Changeling

When a changeling changes form, he changes internally as well as externally. This means that if a changeling assumes a form without vocal chords, he cannot speak.


Telepathy can exist between mages and their familiars, depending on the species of familiar. This is the only form of telepathy to exist in Avlis.

No PC may speak telepathically to another PC. No PC may use telepathy or other similar powers to read another PC's mind. This is cheesing.


  • English is the official language of the Avlis servers
  • For IC situations, English is considered to be Common

For other languages in game, you must actually learn the language and use it at your leisure.

An RL *accent* is fine, whatever the accent is.

Importing a RL *language* into Avlis and saying it is an Avlisssian language is not fine.

Avlissian languages are made up on their own. If you want to make a language for Race X from scratch and use French (or any other RL)grammar as the basis, or even take a bunch of French (or other foreign) words and switch around a bunch of letters and vowels to make them completely different words, I don't have a problem with that. The new resulting language must not be recognizable from the base RL language however.

But the wholesale importation of another language is a no no.

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