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The following are inns, taverns and public houses (and other meeting places) that can be found in the various cities, towns and villages of Avlis. For a discussion of their relative merits see this thread.

Blandenberg Protectorate

  • Blandenberg
    • The Black Shard Tavern
    • The Moon Tree***


  • Bundalural
    • Bundalural Pub
  • Deglos Causeway, Crossroads
    • The Pub at the Crossroads
  • Derome Delem
    • Fog Horn Inn
    • Loryn's Spirits
  • Marazdin
  • Minur Khuzad
    • Gnoll's Whisker Inn
  • Nanshi Urbaz
    • Foaming Mug Inn, West Warren
    • The Sloppy Elf, East Warren
  • Nutzdagezehesple
    • The Beardless Dwarf Pub, City Core
    • Dagegarnegesta - Dew Tunnel Inn, City Core
    • The Goblin's Tooth, City Core
    • Leiknha - Beer Garden, City Core
    • Scholar's Inn, Marketplace
  • Tearaskawachle
    • Legacy Tavern
  • Waynbleck Vale
    • The Siege Engine
  • Zural-Dura
    • Dog and Duck Pub


  • The Blowing Gale Inn, Wharves District (Closed)
  • The Drunken Sailor, Wharves District
  • The Phoenix at the Wharves, Wharves District
  • Elysian Towers, Nobles District***
  • Frilly Collar, Artisan District
  • The Golden Rose, Nobles District
  • Gorethar Hostel, Nobles District***
  • Merchant's Rest, Nobles District***
  • The Second Solace Inn, Eastern Farms***
  • The Shining Light Inn, Wharves District
  • The Well of Wine, Eastern Residences***
  • Drakehall PUBlishing House, Southeastern Farms***


Kurathene Empire



  • The Cornered Wererat (closed)
  • Derrington Keep
    • The Pickled Badger
  • Eastshore
    • The Dancing Kelpie
  • Equaloria Keep
    • The Inn at Dunster Commons
  • Finmaegan Keep
    • The Dew Drop Inn
  • Greylake
    • Greylake Community Hall & Tavern
  • Mikona
    • The Prancing Pixie (closed)
    • The Adventurer's Guild Hall, Marketplace
    • The Bored Gargoyle, Northwestern Outskirts
    • The Canvas, Government District***
    • The City Gate Inn, City Gate and Garrison District
    • Hang Brains Inn, Lower East Residences
    • Kero·s, Outside the Gates***
    • Mikona's Finest, City Gate and Garrison District***
    • Noble Flair, Northern Nobles District
    • The Pirate Cove Brew Pub, Docks District (in Privateer Enterprises)***
    • Raven's Loft, Docks District***
    • Red Eye Casino, Docks District***
    • The Rompin' Romini, Marketplace
  • Southill
    • The Copper Cup


  • Le'Or
    • The Moon Tree, Lower Nobles
    • Cornath Havera, Thayten'Le'Nanshin
    • Pelail Aek, Thayten'Le'Nanshin
    • The Tree Haven Inn (Faav Cornath Etzev), Marketplace
  • Nireth
    • Ocean Side Inn
  • Northwestern T'Nanshi, Elysia Elf Gate
  • SilverFall
    • Moon Tree Brewery & Public House***
  • Zvidureth
    • Leaping Stag Inn
  • Western T'Nanshi, Elania Stop
    • Elania Inn

The Underdark

  • The Sporecloud Inn
  • Verloghokbol
    • The Black Dagger Inn, Western Residences
    • The Dead Mine Inn, Temple District
    • The Deep Hole Inn, Eastern Residences
    • The Drunken Skeleton, Lake District
    • The Inn Fernal, Gate District
    • Mog's Inn, Market District


  • The Coldshadow Tavern, North Residences
  • The Hideaway Cafe, Central Residences
  • The Mountain Settlers' Inn, Garrison District
  • The Nine Towers Brewery and Tavern, Trust District
  • Orchards Guest House and Public Room, South-Western Farmlands
  • The Plough and Scythe, Marketplace
  • The Snow Eaters Inn and Tavern, Out the west gate of North Residences
  • The Tipsy Wizard, Academic District
*** - OOC: Venue is partly or fully player or guild owned.