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Hi Landrin, I've noticed you're doing a lot of updates, which could be considered minor updates. Just a suggestion, could you mark them as such? Makes reading the recent changes page a lot easier :) - p0m

Sorry, I have used the minor edit a few times, but I wasn't aware that nearly all formatting edits were minor. I consider these edits important but I also hope that they are not likely to need review from others (and agree if this is what you're saying). I am sorry for the inconvience and I will re-assess my edits as regards whether they're minor. --Mac 18:24, 10 Apr 2006 (GMT)

Tavern Locations Page

Could you move Visimontium to it's own section? It's not in Deglos. --Krator 09:10, 9 May 2006 (GMT)

  • Sure thing, although I sorta prefer to group by country. I'd put Elysia in with T'Nanshi but I believe its achieved its independence from that nation and thus is a separate entity (and not because of its server status). Should Mikona not be grouped with M'Check? It too a separate server.
I'm not too keen on the server focus that seems to dominate the wiki, I mean its artificial and not IC to think in terms of servers. I've been trying to make the wiki seem more real (more like the RL wiki) so the immersion is better. Its nice to have info about the servers but I don't think the articles should be slavish to them. I was going for more of a tour guide article. --Mac 22:11, 9 May 2006 (GMT)
Visimontium is an independant state too, actually similiar to the T'Nanshi/Elysia thing. How I wish it wasn't like that, that would my Angadarian PC a lot of trouble. --Krator 06:48, 10 May 2006 (GMT)
  • Oh, I didn't realize this was the case, maybe I should add this factoid to the Visimontium wiki page? Based on the wiki page for the city it sounds like it is surrounded by Deglos and thus appears to be in Deglos even if policially independent. I also notice that none of the maps have pinpoints for the city either, I take it they were made before the city was well established. Thanks for the clarification. --Mac 22:15, 10 May 2006 (GMT)
Np, trying to blow up something is the best way to get a lot of information about it. --Krator 22:17, 10 May 2006 (GMT)

Wiki Gnome Award

Liebnitz! --Krator 12:29, 20 Jun 2006 (GMT)

Krator, you misspelled Enkraftunsplunk. Heathen! --Simius 19:10, 27 Jun 2006 (GMT)