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All Avlis Dungeon Masters (DMs) are subject to the DM Rules, as well as any other Avlis Rules.

Team Role

Assist DM are available to perform administrative tasks, such as provide Player Housing keys, help if your player character (PC) is stuck, if one of the Avlis servers needs resetting, or help you our with approved remort and refresh questions. Assist DMs also run the book publishing program on Avlis, and can do parties (or weddings!) for your PCs. A full listing of services provided by Assist DMs is available at the DM Assist space on the Avlis forum.

Assist DMs report to the Head of Staff.

Current Roster

The current roster is available in the Ask the Team forum under the DM Titles post.


You can get in touch with an Assist DM in game, on the Team Chat or over the Avlis forums.

For current contact information, please see: How to Contact the Team on the Avlis forum.

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