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There are many ways to communicate in Avlis, both IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character). There is also a distinct line between them.

In Character Communication

  • The in-game Talk feature is IC.
  • There are in-character forums at
  • Any other in-game things, such as message boards and scribe-created items, are IC.

Out Of Character Communication

This is when you have to say something within the game that has nothing to do with the role you are playing. Examples are: OOC: I have to go now, (( AFK, phone call)), etc. They should not be used unless really necessary. If you want to discuss something outside the game then private messages can be used or use the Avlis IRC.

  • If you need to quickly say something OOC to everyone nearby in-game, use talk and put the message in double-parentheses like (( this )), or prefix it with "OOC". There are several other methods, but these are the most common.
  • Party chat is sometimes used for IC communication, but should usually be OOC. Also, DMs see party chat, so please use it only when necessary.
  • Tells are OOC. "Tells" refer to contacting the player behind a character In-Game, by clicking on their portrait or simply typing /tell CharacterName or /tell "GameSpyName" (you will need quotation marks in this second case). In-Game Tells should not be used to transfer game information about your character, such that should be learned through In-Character means. They should only be used to talk about things that have nothing to do with the events in the game - with some exceptions, such as to clarify whether what you see is an actual In-Character event or a bug, to deliver information to a DM, etc.
  • Most of the forums, as well as this wiki, are OOC unless otherwise noted.
  • IMs, emails, IRC, and talking to your buddy at work are all OOC.

Other Notes

  • Players are not allowed to "shout" in Avlis.
  • "PM" is used to refer to a Private Message. "Private messages" are such sent from one user account to another, on the Avlis messageboards/forums. They can be used for both In-Character communication (your character contacting another character, as in writing a letter), and Out-of-Character communication (contacting a player or a DM).
  • You can use the DM channel in-game to get the attention of any DMs online.
  • New players: Register on the forums and begin reading them. In particular, read the Rules Forum, then take a look at the others. The forums have become an integral part of the Avlis experience.