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Welcome and thank you for your contributions.

Everyone and anyone can edit pages on the Avlis Wiki — even this page! Just click the edit tab at the top of any page (except for protected pages) if you think it needs any improvement or new information. You don't need anything special; you just need to start by making a account or logging back in. You may want to experiment first; this way, you avoid the risk of "messing up" a real article. Head over to the sandbox, where you can practice editing to your heart's content. To practise editing an existing page like this one, just copy and paste it from the article's edit page into the sandbox. To learn more, read the instructions here and check out the Wikipedia Tutorial to learn the basic info you should know as a member of our project. Also read the remarks in the Avlis Wiki Style Manual.

What pages need contributions

You can help by updating stubs or creating wanted pages.

What needs to be done in general

In the Projects page, there's a list of everything that needs to be done on the wiki.

Deletion requests

If you'd like to delete a page, just add {{delete}} to the page, and it will be added to the candidates for deletion list. Thanks. --Tissa 06:25, 1 Mar 2006 (GMT)