Equaloria Keep and Dunster Commons

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Dunster Commons is the town that surrounds Equaloria Keep, the largest training grounds for Equalizers. Their order was founded by a M'Chekian noble by the name of Lord Nimonay Dunster. His descendant, Lord Dunster III, watches over the Keep to this day.

The Pyrite Dragon Horde

The Pyrite Attack Aftermath

On January 14, 2175 after almost a year of isolated attacks and skirmishes by the Pyrite Dragon Horde on the lands of Southern Avlis, The Pyrite Dragons turned their attention towards Equaloria Keep. In a brutal assault, the horde attacked Equaloria, reducing the keep to rubble.

All that remained afterwards was a small altar to Mikon in the south eastern corner, and the Inn that was next to it. Many defenders lost their lives, and several of the dragons also fell in the attack.

The daunting task of rebuilding has commenced at Equaloria, and with the donations and support of many guilds and nations from all over Avlis, Equaloria Keep will rise again.

In the interim, in consultation with the Blandenberg Protectorate High Administrators, Lord Dunster arranged for a new Equalizer Training Centre to be built within Fort Taunton as part of the "Unified Training Grounds and Patrol Headquarters".

This training centre now serves as the main training grounds for Equalizers, although there are smaller centres throughout Avlis.