Fort Taunton

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The history of Fort Taunton can be found here

"New Fort Taunton" - The Unified Training Grounds & Patrol Headquarters

Copy of the parchment announcing completion of the construction of the "Unified Training Grounds"

The newly rebuilt Fort Taunton now serves as the Blandenberg Protectorate's Security Headquarters.

Completed at the end of October 2180, after many years of hard work by the people of The Protectorate, The Unified Training Grounds contains the joint Avenger / Equalizer Patrol Headquarters as well as their respective Barracks and other associated meeting rooms and offices.

A memorial garden was also constructed in the centre of the Fort to remind all of the strength that can be found in unity, and that by working together great things can be achieved for the better of all.

Due to the destruction of Equaloria Keep in Southern M'Chek by the Pyrite Dragon Horde, Lord Nimonay Dunster III consulted with the Blandenberg High Administrators and arranged for a new Equalizer Training Centre and Equalorian Battlemage Tower to be built inside Fort Taunton at the same time as the Patrol Headquarters and Barracks.

The addition of the Training Centre serves several purposes:

  • Firstly, it enables many of the Trainee Equalizers to gain "on the job" experience, while they work together with their Avenger counterparts in the defence and daily protection of the Protectorate.
  • Secondly, due to the location of the Training Centre within the Protectorate, it also provides a more centralized location for the Equalizers in their calling to bring Mikon's balance to all of Avlis.
Avengers and Equalizers in front of the Patrol Headquarters

Moderith'Avenger is the training grounds of Avenger Synwyn Roo'hirefya. His training grounds are found by entering the Patrol Headquarters. Master Synwyn believes he was guided by Dru'El to found his work at Fort Taunton so that Avengers and Equalizers will learn and grow together in their roles as guardians of the Protectorate.