Fatespinning Handbook

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The Fatespinning Handbook

- Flenken Jolliemausch

Senior Magus, Red Order of the Flame

The Frequency of the Fatespinning Attempts

Fatespinning, while powerful, can also be slightly dangerous to the caster. Ne as much as the Wild Magics by any means, but it can have unforeseen consequences. It would be most prudent, jaa, to begin with the warning of the number of the nudges that you do give to the spin of an object.

You must know that as the attempts do happen, there is the chance that they can backfire. A perfectly cast spell can suddenly find itself missing the target completely. While this is rare, it should be noted that one should keep this in mind. Fate does like things even, and does sometimes collect the debt by pulling the control of the spin away from you suddenly, causing the misfiring of the spell.

The Benefits of the Divination Studies

While it has been explained before in "Practical Divinations for Fatespinning Learnings" that Divination spells do assist in the discovery and control of the power, it is through the dedicated focused study of the Divination school that one can further harness the power of Fatespinning.

By focusing on the theory of Divinations, you should further test their application to other spell schools. I have found that the mastery of the Divination school does yield benefits, jaa. Even the spells that I do ne normally control the spin of do seem to yield just slightly to my whims more than they would.

However, it should be noted that the dedication of a Diviner who does give up study of the Illusion school to focus on preparation of Divination spells has ne been shown to help the Fatespinning at this time.

The Fatespinner's Spells of Choice

Okies. First let us rule out a few spells that I have found to ne work with Fatespinning. These include, but are ne limited to:
- Protection and Augmentation Spells
- Evard's Black Tentacles
- The elemental orbs and lesser elemental orbs
- Firebrand
- Ice storm
- Bigby's Spells

In fact, many Conjurations do ne work with Fatespinning. One prominent exception is Flame Arrow. Many of the spells that do ne work are also wide target areas, or multiple targeting spells. As such, these do ne lend themselves to being spin-controlled, and thus your efforts are best focused on casting the spell in a pure form.

Some (ne all) spells that do lend themselves to being Fatespun in a moderate manner are:
- Weird
- Wail of the Banshee
- Holdings and Charmings, single or massive.
- Banishings and Dismissals
- Nybor's Stern Reproof
- Phantasmal Killer

Also, it is of much importance to consider the Evocation school. While many of the spells are targeted physically at an object, it is the preparation for that object's movement that does allow you the most control over the event.

Some favorites are:
- Fireball
- Fireburst and Greater Fireburst
- Scintillating Sphere
- Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning
- Sunburst

Again, this list is ne comprehensive. I do leave some known spells unlisted as I do wish you to see what spells you can bend to your will, with ne the knowing that you can do so. Experiment, document, and review your progress and your path as a Fatespinner will become more clear.

~F. Jolliemausch