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PC Statistics

Base Race: Half-Orc

Ability Score Adjustments: +3 Str -2 Dex +1 Int


Favored Class: Fighter


  • Orcs have a static model. Regardless of what is chosen during character generation, all orcs have the same appearance.


On Avlis, orcs were created by the god Valok. Using information and help gained from Gruumsh, Valok established his race on Avlis with some differences. While Gruumsh favored might and strength, Valok favored subtlety, preparedness, and intelligence. He saw orcs as a favorable vehicle for his control over Avlis because they carried a sturdy frame and a hearty constitution in most cases, and they were able to inspire fear in weaker races. Thus, the orcs of Avlis look very similar to those found on other worlds, but they act very differently.


Among the natives of Avlis, orcs are regarded as shrewd, intelligent, crafty, and devious. They are strong in arm, but they are also strong in diplomacy and deal-making. It is said by some that making a deal with an orc is akin to making a deal with a demon.... any loophole that can be exploited, will be. Of course, this is wholy an average assumption of the population. As with any race on Avlis, there exist individuals of all alignments.


Although the reputation of orcs often precedes them wherever they go, it is certainly not the worst reputation for a race on Avlis, and more often than not, individuals they meet will give them a chance to show their true colors before deciding what to make of them.


Orcs are generally Lawful Evil, though individuals may have other moral positions.

Orc Lands

Orcs are also very resourceful, and have constructed large societies of their own on Avlis. There are two orcish nations, Brekon and Dubunat. The governments within the two differ slightly, but they are both ruled by cunning politicians, and they house millions of orc residents, as well as giant-kin and goblinoid residents who are often given the status of second class citizens in orcish circles.

Within these nations are several large trading cities and ports that the orcs use to import and export goods to other nations... all done as legitamate business as far as anyone can tell by looking at it. Wherever the church of Valok is strong, the orc population in that area also tends to excel. These smaller populations can exist outside of the orcish nations, within human cities, and sometimes the cities of other races, though not too often.


There are generally no castes or noble families within orcish society. Those who are on top are the ones who got there by guile and cunning, and they must fight in the political arena to keep themselves in place. The only real social class that orcs differentiate within their group is that of arcane magic users. Due to the mishap that ended the Great War, orcish magic users are forbidden in orcish society. Any orc that is found to be practicing arcane magic is hunted down and killed, usually by the Dominators of Valok who have sworn to do this as their purpose. Many small secret orcish mage societies have sprung up over time. Many more have been eliminated. None have been tolerated by the orcs. The Dominators are not the only society that hunts them. They are just the ones that have holy vows to Valok. There are plenty of other smaller mage-hunting societies and mercenary bands who go after orcish magic users.

It is thought that the clerics of Valok and other gods worshipped by orcs keep perpetuating the hatred of mages so as not to let them gain a foothold in government. Without arcane magic users, the power of the clerics' magic is supreme in the society, which in turn elevates the influence of Valok and the lesser deities worshipped there.


Orcs speak their own language called orcish.

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