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Full Name: Bedlam Dender Affiliations and Titles:Former Affilations
  • Great Mage of Internal Affairs, Red Order of the Flame
  • Grandmaster Magus of Wild Magic, Red Order of the Flame
  • Sergeant, M'Chekian Army, Blackhawk Company

Research Interests

  • Wild Magic
  • Evocation
  • Limbo
  • Fey Magic
  • Sophie
  • Illegal Substances

The smell of ozone wafts about his tall supple frame as the quiet crackle of energy accompanies his every movement. White hair frames his smooth, ageless face in an almost gentle cascade standing in perpetual contrast to his intense deep ruby red eyes. From his forehead sprouts two ivory horns twisting gracefully skyward. His eyes catch your attention as ever changing flecks of color appear and disappear bringing a life to his red irises that almost seems its own. His demeanor emanates a deep calm, a remarkable self discipline, and a sense of intense control. Yet still... Destruction seems only a moment away.

Bedlams clothes are always freshly pressed and worn with care. He favors reds, blacks, and deep blues as well as gold accents and embellishments. You can usually find two holy symbols of the God Andrinor on fancy gold chains wrapped around his wrists.

Bedlam loves to laugh. He can be seen smiling most of the time. He tends to find something to enjoy in just about everything. As much as he likes to laugh he likes to flirt. He doesn't care much about who he's flirting with, as long as he's flirting, and winking, and teasing, and just playing the game. His real passion, though, is magic.

As happy as he may usually seem, Bedlam is quite well known for his drastic mood swings. One moment he can be laughing and having a great time, and for reasons known only to him, he could then be at someones throat, or blowing something up out of spite.

Bedlam enjoys the company of unique individuals, or those who don't quite fit in. Kenku, aberrations, and umber hulks are just some of the creatures that have been spotted associating with Bedlam, but he's also been known to befriend nymphs, fairies, and other goodly races as well.

Bedlam was the first child of a very large family living on the outskirts of Elysia. His father was a cattle farmer and his mother was Romini and was a vintner. His father was very hard on Bedlam, but always kinder to the younger children. Sometimes his father would beat him when no one else was present and threaten him with further violence if he told anyone. Bedlam hated his father. His mother, Mary, on the other hand, seemed to show him special attention.

As Bedlam grew he began to notice a budding knack for the arcane boiling inside of him. Fearful of his father, he didn't tell anyone at all. He practiced in secret, mostly during the night when his family was asleep. He'd sneak out of the house and into the woods to see how far he could push himself.

When Bedlam was about 13 years old, his father took the family into town to sell some cattle. He left Bedlam at home to watch over things until his return at sundown. Having the house all to himself wasn't something Bedlam was used to so he took advantage of it. He practiced casting some cantrips on some items around the house, illuminating bowls and lighting candles. Always the curious lad, Bedlam had to see if he could do more. He had no training at all, had never even spoken to another mage about anything related to the arcane. In hindsight, he probably should have tried to get some idea of what he was doing. Bedlam began casting as many spells as he could, as fast as he could, on any and everything in the house. It didn't take long for things to go awry. No one is really sure what happened exactly, or why, or where the fire started, but it is known that the blaze engulfed the entire house and burned it to the ground. Panicking, and not knowing what to do, Bedlam waited for the fire to burn down to a smolder and he ventured into the charred remains of the house to try to salvage anything he could.

As the sun started to set behind the trees of T'Nanshi Bedlam had considered just running away. He thought his father would kill him. Here he stood, a scrawny red headed kid barely a teenager in the smoking midst of what used to be his home. And then came his father with the family. Some of the children cried, some of them were just speechless. His mother looked at him with both disappointment and compassion. His father, though, was uncharacteristically quiet. Bedlam made his way out of the debris to try to explain things. His father approached him and Bedlam reflexively shielded his face with his arms. His father didn't hit him. He didn't even raise his hand. He just said to him "You are no son of mine." turned, and took his family and left. His mother looked back with tears in her eyes. His father put his arm around her hips and gently pulled her along. That was the last Bedlam saw of his father.

Bedlam was left in Elysia with no where to go and no one to turn to. Luckily, Bedlam was a natural charmer. People liked him and he knew that. He sometimes took advantage of that, playing to their sympathy to get some food or shelter for the night. As he grew into adolescence he knew he needed some guidance. He soon found this "guidance" in the worship of Forian.

((more to come))