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Name: Lotis Fynolis
Race: Human

Lotis was born and raised in the village of Cerceno located in the Kurathenian fief, Medec. Yet he was always felt and treated like an outcast. Bullied, ignored, humiliated... These lead Lotis to become stoic and bitter agaisn't his own kin and home country. Using his uncle's training in the ranger arts, Lotis set away from the Kurathene empire and became a wanderer.

After spending years wandering, Lotis arrived in Elysia, spending some time to familiarize the South-Western part of Avlis. Upon Seeing M'Chek, Lotis felt the disgust he had for Kurathene. What once was a lush forest is now a barren desert but what really disgusted him the most was that M'chek was at War with T'Nanshi. It was M'chek very own arrogance that turn it's land into a desert. Lotis didn't put a high reguard on common human wisdom (Or lack therefor) and a though sprang to his head.

'Say that M'chek does get part of the forest... Would they know how to treat it properly? Would they even care if someone tried to tell how to properly cultivate?'

With that in mind, he set straight to Mikona to seek the answers to those questions. After spending unknown amount of time interrogating and making some personnal observations, Lotis left Mikona disapointed.

Lotis didn't get involved in the war immediatly, instead he kept tabs to have a general idea how it was progessing. Until came the day where he decided to join the T'Nanshi army and eventually the Lonovanen'Hirefya. After the war ended, Lotis has been thinking back on what he had done during the war and his motives for joining. Those memories eventually led Lotis to his retirement shortly after the Demon Queen incident ended.

Yet despite his retiment, Lotis still remains a protecter of the Spirit Land. And at times, you can hear the sounds of arrows being shot from a longbow from within the old Sereg hideout....