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Avlis has high quality standards, which ensure that our vision of a roleplay server is met and that everyone has fun. Therefore, there are several important rules and guidelines that are enforced on Avlis. Rules and guidelines can be categorized into three areas: Team or Server Rules, Player Guidelines, and "In Character" Laws.

Summary of Rules

No Griefing

Grief-style playing, or griefing, is illegal. Griefing is defined by any style of play that makes the person playing a character feel genuine distress and anger through disruption of their gaming session.

Roleplaying Enforced

Avlis is a roleplaying server. People should be in character at all times. Shouting is disabled. Using tells, IRC, and teamspeak to convey in-character information is illegal, however it is ok to use these media to talk about out of game things.

No PvP: CvC

Player vs. Player combat is illegal. However, Character vs. Character combat is LEGAL. A "player" is defined by the person sitting behind the screen playing the game. A "character" is defined by the alternate personality you portray within the game. Characters can have disagreements and fight over them, but as soon as it becomes a personal matter between the players behind the characters, it is no longer justified.

No Exploiting

Exploitation of bugs to gain experience, wealth, or to save time is illegal and a bannable offense. This includes duplicating items and inappropriate server hopping.

Common Sense

Rule 0: Common sense is a rule. If an action goes against common sense, it's not legal.

Detailed Rules

  1. General Rules
    1. Servervault Purges
    2. Powergaming
    3. The Avlis Procedure for Punishment
      1. Warnings
      2. Punishment
      3. Banishment
      4. Review
    4. Interacting with DMs
    5. Contacting the Team
  2. Specific Rules
    1. Metagaming
      1. Floaty Name
      2. Changelings
      3. Invisibility
      4. Disguise
      5. Crafting Recipes
      6. Sharing Inn Rooms
      7. Wiki Information
    2. Exploiting
      1. Duping
      2. Sneaking behind a person through a door
      3. Transition Ambushes
      4. ISD
    3. Cheesing
      1. Character Backgrounds
      2. Races
        1. Elves
        2. Drow
      3. Pregnancy
      4. Prestige Classes
    4. Roleplaying Related
      1. Speaking for NPCs
      2. Sexuality
      3. Spies
      4. The Domination Effect
      5. Speaking: Familiars,Changelings,Shapeshifters &Telepathy
      6. Languages
      7. In-Game Rules
    5. Player Housing Rules and Guidelines
    6. Discord/IRC Chat Rules and Guidelines
  3. Player Guidelines[1]
    1. CvC Gentlemen's Agreement
    2. Forum Etiquette
    3. Notes on the Community Stance on Powergaming
    4. The Meaning of "The Team Frowns Upon It," and Community Membership

[1]Player guidelines aren't official rules, and don't have formal punishments for breaking them, but they are community guidelines accepted and followed by the community of players. Click Here for the team's view on these guidelines.