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Traditionally one of the better meeting spots in T'Nanshi, since it's fairly centrally located and near a major crossroads. The three zones North of Zvidureth (crossroads, Dwarf Trade, Entrance to Deglos) are also pretty popular. There are several shops here, a temple to Cha'reth God of Healing and Peace, and the Leaping Stag Inn. There is also a barracks of the Le'Nofaythen'T'nanshi. A shrine to Cha'reth is near by, as is a large Romini Camp. The roads in Zvidureth lead to Deglos, northern M'Chek, toward Elysia and Ferrell and the tree city of Le'Or. In recent times, a branch of the Green Order of the Forest has opened on the town outskirts, around the same time as the famous Red Manor, an office of the Red Order of the Flame.