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About Guilds and Orders on Avlis -- Sorted by Purpose -- Guilds' In Game Locations

Academy of Mortal Magic





Ashen Order

Avlis Tower University

Blue Order

Children of the Dreadlord

Church of Andrinor

Church of Angadar

Church of Fegall

Council of Dagath

Cytherian Marines

The Deglos Brigade

Ebony Order

Ferrell Exploration And Adventuring Troupe (FEAT)

The Fury of Ra-Ghul

Gold Order

Green Order

Healers of Cha'reth


Ivory Order


  • Maiden's Keep, Noble's District, Elysia

Mikon's Council of Balance

Order of Gorethar

Order of O'Ma

  • Halls of the Order of O'Ma, Elysia

Order of Valok

  • Hall of Valok, Temple District, Mikona

Red Order

Violet Order

Web of Angadar

White Order