Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi dispensation of forces

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Dispensation of forces

Le'Or T'Nanshi Division

Area of Operation:
Le'Or proper and the Canopies themselves, including Summerleaf, Silverfalls, and extending down to the forest floor immediately around every lift.

Senior Rangermaster: Mevinith Hirefya'oollensoa, 1st Company


1st Company
Le'Or Garrison
The last line of defense, the garrison of the city itself. Includes the Honor Guard, and defense of the Le'Or Lift. A coveted deployment, and one carrying high prestige.

3rd Company
Noritath Sha'l Garrison
Defending the lift at Grovehaven, and the canopies surrounding that area. Under the command of Rangermaster Kela Van'Hileth.

Northern Division

Area of Operation:
Northern T'Nanshi, extending from an east-west line roughly north of the Le'Or T'Nanshi lift, north to the Deglos foothills.

Senior Rangermaster: Ril Deneth, 2nd Company


2nd Company
"The Band"
Roving Command Unit
Covers most of the Central Northern Division range.

4th Company
Nanshi Urbaz Garrison
Semi stationary deployment, responsibility extends south to the Elania trading outpost, east to Karak Thayt.

6th Company
Mobile Strike Unit
Rapid response unit covering the eastern area of the Northern Division range. Primarily slaver hunters, reinforcements for the Eastern Division forces watching Drotid Pass. Rangermaster Solerion Niltaur'win is one of the Company leaders of the 6th.

20th Company
Experimental idea of Ril's. Members of the 20th are exclusively druids or rangers, mostly Verossan and Pelarite. They operate independently along the Northern border, crossing occasionally into Drotid on intelligence missions.

22nd Company
General Infantry
Based out of the Zvidureth barracks, the 22nd Company contains many of the greener recruits (lending to their nickname which means "Young trees" in Common speak).

24th company
General Infantry
Also based out of the Zvidureth barracks, the 24th company is sent to assist and patrol wherever they are needed.

Eastern Division

Area of Operation:
Eastern T'Nanshi, from Drotid pass south to the M'Check border, and westward slightly inland.

Senior Rangermaster: Tir'eiwalin Cha'yeritath, 7th Company


7th Company
Roving Command Unit
Covers most of the Eastern Division range, based out of Quithranos.

8th Company
Drotid Pass Garrison
Semi stationary deployment, defends the Drotid pass and the surrounding area.

9th Company
"The Reborn"
Nireth Garrison
Reconstituted under the veteran Rangermaster Ilnothel Sher'shelega, who was responsible for rebuilding 5th Company (Bah'etzeth Garrison) after hags assaulted it, he has re-created the Nireth Garrison as a semi-stationary deployment with a broader range. Recruiting heavily both in Le'Or and in Nireth has netted him a large contingent of veterans and The Reborn is the envy of the other Eastern company commanders.

10th Company
Mobile Strike Unit
Rapid response unit covering the Northern area of the Eastern Division range. Primarily slaver hunters, they specialize in anti-shaahesk action. Known for wearing lizardskin boots of dubious origin. Currently serving under Rangermaster Falth Penethet

21st Company
"Blossom's Knights"
Constituted as magical artillery, rather than in the standard mode of mixing the mages into the main companies. Blossom's Knights began as a drunken suggestion during R&R at the Moon Tree. On a dare from the barmistress, Tir set about building the company himself, often recruiting personally. They maintain a 20-1 ratio of mages to melee fighters, and currently garrison at L'Hur'Aek Hegena. Members wear a cockle shell on one shoulder, in tribute to their namesake. They claim that after each recruit's first kill, she lets him personally take a shell from her outfit.

23rd Company
General Infantry

Southern Division

Area of Operation:
Southern T'Nanshi, from the edges of the Eastern to the Western Division. The largest concentration of force exists in this division, and there is considerable overlap with the other division companies stationed in their southerly ranges. With the death of Senior Rangermaster "Adom" Jack Cooper, the Southern division leadership has temporarily fallen under Senior Rangermaster Tir of the Eastern Division.

Senior Rangermaster: temporarily assigned to Senior Rangermaster Tir


13th Company
"The Wall"
Roving Command Unit
Covers most of the Southern Division range, has a much-appreciated reputation for showing up out of nowhere in the nick of time.

11th Company
Nan Sh'tal Garrison
Semi stationary deployment at Nan Sh'tal and patrols the surrounding area.

12th Company
General Infantry

Western Division

Area of Operation:
Western T'Nanshi, from the western edge of Zvidureth north to the Deglos mountains and the border with Ferrell, west to the Elysian border and the Eridanus River (including the entire Forest of Midnight), and south to the Great Chasm and the border of Blandenberg. Formerly well trained, this division has fallen into disarray and is considered the "soldier bank" from which other companies withdraw the best troops as transfers. This has left them relatively depleted of talent, if not numbers.

Senior Rangermaster: Robin Broadfoot, 15th Company


15th Company
Renethae Garrison
Resurrection Company is the attempt by the halfling Senior Rangermaster to begin the rebuilding of the Western Division. Soldiers in the 15th wear the symbol of an orange flower stitched on their shoulders, representing a plant growing in the grove at Cornath'Dru'El and Sena'lae's story of how it got there. Resurrection is currently the only stationary group in the Western Division, and their camp isn't terribly permanent either. They guard the mouth of the Eridanus River from incursions by shaahesk and from river pirates heading to and from Lake Eridanus to the north.

5th Company
Formerly Fourtree Garrison - reassigned to Western

25th Company
General Infantry

29th Company
New company formed, assigned to the western division. Heavier mage numbers among the company compared to most divisions. Led by Rangermaster Aiyetel