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About Guilds and Orders on Avlis -- Sorted by Purpose -- Guilds' In Game Locations

The word "guild" here is actually a misnomer. Guilds in Avlis refer to organizations run by players. While some indeed are crafting and trading guilds focused on certain skills like alchemy or blacksmithing, others are religious groups, druid circles, monk enclaves, or just groups of people with similar interests (see: a breakdown of guilds based on their purpose). Guilds are a great place to meet PCs who have interests in common with your PC. They are also good places to find other PCs to adventure with or gain support from.

While a DM sponsor is necessary when a guild is initially formed, after that, the organization is wholly run by players. Guilds get their own private forum in the Avlis forums to discuss guild matters. They also get guild tokens, items they can wear that identify them as members of that guild. Some guilds even have their own uniforms and magic items.

To join a guild it is best to ask around about that guild in-game by speaking with PCs. If you are unable to find a member of that guild online (perhaps due to time zone differences), then it is acceptable to send a PM to the moderator of the guild's forum.

Guild Types

There are TWO kinds of guilds on Avlis: One kind created by players, and one kind created by the people who made Avlis.

These differences are very practical, and you should keep them in mind.

Guild Type 1: Player-Made Guild

Note: As of the 2020s, active Type 1 Avlis guilds are often Type 1.5, which incorporates one or more NPCs.

Examples of this are AAAA, AKN, ANRA, Order of --Insert Here--.

Players conceived of and made these guilds. They thought them up, and they proposed them to DM's. The process then began for them to become manifest on the server.

ICly, the members of these guilds are only Players (NPC merchants don't count). So if Order of --Insert Here-- has 6 PCs, then ICly, the ENTIRE Order has 6 people in it.

Guild Type 2: Built-In Avlis Guild

Examples of this are armies, --Insert City-- guard, Raven, Shadow Dirks, Church of --Insert God name--, Government of --Insert country/city--, and the Academy of Mortal Magic Houses.

"Guild" is actually a bad name for these groups. They are not guilds. Guilds are groups that players use to get together socially and fulfill some common goal they have among themselves. These groups don't do that. These groups are an integral part of Avlis' religious, social, government, and magical structure. They are VERY different from typical guilds.

For example, someone who is a high cleric of a church in an area is not just in control of 6 or 8 clerics played by PCs, they are in control of hundreds or thousands of followers of their god in their area, few of which are actually represented by NPCs.

Creating Your Own Player Run Guild

There are some criteria that your guild must match before getting official guild status on Avlis:

  1. Your guild must fit in with the existing background of Avlis (this is the most important one).
  2. Your guild must have a serious group of players that are active enough to support its continued existence. Somewhere in the region of 8 to 10 characters that are on regularly is what you should aim for at the least.
  3. You need a DM sponsor. One of the DMs must agree to help you get organized as a guild and he will be there for the guild to ask the questions from.


  1. The right to guild items
    • 1000 GP toolset value for normal members
    • 2000 GP toolset value for officers
    • 5000 GP toolset value for leaders
    • If you are interested in creating guild items, refer to this forum post.
  2. The right to a separate private discussion forum
  3. The right to build a guild house somewhere (you still have to pay for it, but there are some things that are allowed for guild houses that we wouldn't even consider in a regular PC house).
  4. You have a DM that guides your guild at least in OOC matters.