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In times of trouble, the 4A provides a solid organization whose members are willing to reach out and aid those in need. They have worked with other non-governmental organizations time and time again.

- When the Blandenberg Hospital was razed to the ground, the 4A was there with craftsmen and building supplies to rebuild it, as well as provide one million gold to pay for supplies, staff and all the other essentials needed to run a hospital.

- When the Nelthrope Mines were reopened after sabotuers' bombs weakened the supports, it was the 4A who paid many of the contractors to reinforce and clear the debris from this publicly accessible mine.

- The 4A was there when The Rift threatened all of Ferrell, and contributed a considerable amount of precious DarkSteel, as well as the time and labor needed to create the helms used to close the dangerous Rift.

- For the traveler who is low on funds, the 4A is always in need of raw materials, and so all of our branch locations are always willing to buy materials which are used in our crafting processes. For specifics, please see your local branch.

PURPOSE AND GOAL: The AAAA exists to develop the crafting abilities of its members and ensure their financial security while maintaining a profit for the guild as an entity, by providing centralized storage of raw materials and products, free exchange of information between members, safe access to crafting equipment and tools, and reliable methods for the sale of said products.

BASE OF OPERATIONS: AAAA members hail from all across Southern Avlis. Guild halls are found at Fort Karr, north of Mikona, and in Dwarftrade, south of the entrance to Deglos in northwest T'Nanshi. New facilities are now open in Visimontium and Blandenberg.

HOW TO CONTACT: Our "public flyers" include both a catalogue of commonly-ordered products and a list of members ranked Journeyman and higher.

Inquiries about business should be directed to one of the officers listed, either by PM or in-game. Sales can be taken by any member, contacted via PM or in-game. Those interested in joining should consult this page for more information.

WHAT TO EXPECT: The AAAA exists for two purposes: to support the crafting activities if its members, and to provide goods to the rest of the Avlis public. Thus, members are expected to obtain raw materials for the Guild, provide information about crafting to other members when asked, and to serve customers. They have few obligations beyond that, and the Guild does not hold regular meetings, though members are expected to do their crafting work in Guild workrooms so that customers may summon them when needed.

Although other crafts are supported, those that are most useful in the manufacture of weapon and armor items are emphasized.

There is a hierarchy within the guild, but the day-to-day operation is somewhat loose due to the individual nature of the crafting work.

RESTRICTIONS ON MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all races and classes. All alignments are nominally welcome, however, those of the more chaotic bent will have to set aside their personalities and respect the rules of the Guild, as well as its property and that of its members.

Members are expected to set aside their differences while on Guild property or on Guild time.

Admiral Ayren Milen Tochi'larian, Chairman
Dame Moira Celyn Callindraes, Chairman
Fealith Anifail, Trademaster; Quartermaster, Visimontium Tradehall
Delurion Imyn, Quartermaster, Fullchair Hall, Karak Zvidurat T'Nanshi
Jessica Paragon, Quartermaster, Webber Hall, Blandenberg