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Ayren Lyandric Milen-Tochi'larian
Born 28 Imperilun, 21xx

A portrait of Lord Ayren by Sir Francis Lawrence
Nickname "The Golden Prince"
Place of birth Denevier, Trenium, Kurathene Empire
Allegiance Kurathene Empire, M'Chekian Union
Service/branch Navy
Rank Vice Admiral of the Blue
Unit M'Chekian Independent Cruiser Squadron,
Imperial Anti-Slavery Interdiction Squadron
Commands held HMS Aledia
MPS Dauntless
HMS Basilisk
HMS Syldrian
Battles/wars Battle of Quithranos,
Battle of Denevier Bay,
Battle of Mikona (Sorvanok),
Battle of the Pyrite Isles,
Battle of Hel'byssia
Awards Multiple (See Below)

Vice Admiral of the Blue Lord Ayren Lyandric Milen, Earl Tochi'larian of Deneve, is an Imperial Naval Officer and a lord of the Kurathene Empire. Born to one of the premier families in Imperial history, he is an influential political figure in his native Kurathene and the M'Chekian Union.

Born to the prominent Tochi'larian family, Ayren was groomed from an early age for military service like many of his ancestors and relatives. Acquiring rank and influence in his own right, Ayren served primarily as a naval officer and parliamentarian during his years of service. His renown as a prize-taker and frigate captain was such that he is known throughout the service as "Golden Prince" Milen. Though a Kurathene noble, he saw service in a diverse range of theaters from the Imperial Navy to the M'Chekian fleet during the M'Chek-T'Nanshi War. His victories and luck have made him one of the most recognized naval tacticians and military leaders in Negaria.

Though he was thought to have perished at the Battle of Hel'byssia, with the aid of his friend and war mage Matthias Krell and a detachment of M'Chekian Guard and M'Chekian Army personnel he managed to outwit shaahesk pursuit and return to M'Chek.

Family History

The Tochi'larian family crest.

The earliest mention of the Tochi'larian family can be dated back to the late Kurathene Republic, where a newly established merchant family in northern Deneve was elected to the Republican Council. The family itself rose to prominence during the War for Reunification during the reign of Joral Kuras, when Lyandric Tochi'larian established himself as one of Joral's premier generals.

Granted the heriditary title of Prefect of Trenium, the Tochi'larian family continued to serve the Imperial Crown through the First and Second Kurathene Empires into the present day.

Ayren is the son of Akinor Lyandric Tochi'larian and Keira Milen. Ayren has two half-brothers, Syldric and Li'cinius (Lee) Tochi'larian born, and one cousin Harlan Tochi'larian (later the Marquess of Sargone)

As one of the ten prefectural families of the Kurathene Empire, Ayren can trace his familial lineage through most of these families, with the most immediate connections being with the Kirkun, Arvanos, Clairvont and Alaran families.

Known for their distinct emerald eye color and green-blue hair, the Tochi'larian family is thought to have originated somewhere in the northern reaches of Tyedu, with a mix of fey and spiritkin blood somewhere in the early history of the family.

On the elven side, Ayren is the son of Keira Milen, descended from a line of elven wine-makers and nobles. His uncle Si'del Milen was known as a hero of T'Nanshi for his role in banishing the Woarghschadeugh, until his exile for disagreeing with the war policies of the Council of Nine. He had one cousin serving in the T'Nanshi Army, Seiran Milen, an uncle (P'yale Milen) running a business in Andarr and an aunt Taelynn Milen who operated the family winery in Le'Or'T'Nanshi.

Early Life

Scenic Denevier Manor, birthplace of Ayren Tochi'larian.

Born in Denevier Manor as the eldest son of Akinor Tochi'larian, Ayren was groomed from an early age to be a worthy heir to the traditions of the Kurathene Empire and the Tochi'larian family. Like most members of the Tochi'larian family, Ayren was not permitted to take the name "Tochi'larian" until he had distinguished himself in Imperial service, and thus was known by his mother's family name "Milen" for most of his early life.

Ayren spent much of his early life in the company of his cousin, Harlan, and the two were known to be like brothers in how often they were seen together. Because his father spent most of his time in Kalion and his mothers a tendency to wander the continent, he was mostly raised in the company of his cousin and his aunt Lianna.

Education and Swordsmanship

As a member of the high-aristocracy, Ayren was exposed to a variety of tutors from the time he was old enough to walk. Indeed in the art of sword fighting, Ayren had, at several points claimed to have been taught to use a sword well before he could walk. Whatever the truth of this claim, by the time Ayren was ready to join the Imperial Navy as a midshipman, Ayren was proficient in the Kirkun, Sellician and Isyn'il Tath'ayn schools of swordfighting.

In addition he was tutored in a wide range of languages from a linguist hailing from the University of Clairvont and he was able to speak common, elven, sylvan, orcish and flair during his early childhood.

Early Career

A portrait of midshipman Ayren Milen, most likely from his time aboard HMS Monarch.

As with most naval officers Ayren began his career early, joining the crew of HMS Avarice as a first-class volunteer at the age of 11. Like his ancestor Sidonius Meyer Tochi'larian, Ayren was forced to begin his education as a sea officer early to pick up the necessary professional expertise necessary to command in the complex element of the sea. He progressed steadily through the service, being promoted to midshipman aboard Avarice two years later, then a master's mate aboard HMS Defiance at the age of 18.

He was eventually made acting fifth-lieutenant aboard HMS Monarch shortly after his 19th birthday. He passed for lieutenant the following spring and was assigned to HMS Alemmanus during the short-lived quasi-war with Dubunat. There he met his life-long friend the war mage Matthias Krell, and distinguished himself on several cutting out expeditions, earning himself several mentions in dispatches.

Life in M'Chek

A group portrait of the party that slew Sorvanok.
A group portrait of the party that banished the Ravager.

With the conclusion of the quasi-war with Dubunat, Ayren found himself ashore with no prospects of further employment in the immediate future. Worse he had found himself locked in a quarrel with his father's youngest brother, Joren Novius Tochi'larian, over the issue of the slave trade, sparking a public tirade which could very well have ended in a duel. In order to prevent an embarassing encounter between family, Ayren was sent as a naval attache to the Kurathene-Andarran Company's trade mission in Mikona.

While initially reluctant to live so far from home, Ayren eventually formed a series of close friendships in Mikona through his involvement in local events. In particular the events surrounding the demi-lich Sorvanok and the spiritual creature known as the Gentleman brought Ayren closer to a number of prominent individuals from M'Chek, ranging from the Ebony Mage Vanya del'Trion, Paladin Kaelyn MacCaddor, businessman Timo Karr and the Equalizer Agatha Dane. Ayren himself was instrumental in the destruction of the demi-lich Sorvanok and for banishing the Gentleman, though the latter would tragically prove only to be temporarily banished. The Gentleman would eventually return as the Woargschadeugh, its minions responsible for slaying Ayren's beloved uncle and driving him towards returning to military service.

Ayren attempted during his early time in M'Chek to remain neutral in the conflict between T'Nanshi and M'Chek, not the least because of his early involvement with the church of Dru'El. There were numerous, failed attempts to intervene in ending the war, and rumors persist of Ayren's plans to force the heads of each government to the table with the cooperation of such dignitaries as Tri'as Ju'eir and Kaelyn MacCaddor. None of these plans came to fruition, and Ayren's attitude gradually began to harden against the possibility of a negotiated solution, feeling instead that only ending the fundamental issue between the two states could bring an end to hostilities.

During his time in M'Chek Ayren also began to acquire business interests in the area, particularly through his involvement in the Avlis Arms and Armor Association, which later helped to land him several lucrative government contracts during the war. This involvement was controversial both at home and in Southern Negaria itself, though at the time Ayren himself simply considered it a natural extension of his duties as guild chairman.

In addition to his friendships, Ayren was also involved in several relationships during this time. First to the Priestess of Dre'Ana Cierra Wenton, then to Meilil Sokore, and finally Nikki Tanner and Vanya del'Trion. His relationship with Nikki Tanner eventually grew into a committed life partnership, and Nikki bore the couple's only child, Sidel Lyandric Tochi'larian.

Later Career

As hostilities between the Third Kurathene Empire and the Crullathians began to build prior to the Third Tri-Fief War, Ayren returned to duty in the Imperial Navy. First assigned to 74-gun HMS Vengeful as secondl ieutenant, he was quickly transferred to the frigate HMS Judicator as its first lieutenant with the outbreak of hostilities.

"The Golden Prince"

A common handbill aimed at recruiting sailors.

Distinguishing himself in a hard fought frigate action, Ayren was promoted to Master and Commander at the age of 26 and assigned to command the 14-gun sloop Arrowhead near the Andarran station. Here he distinguished himself as a commerce raider, drawing the attention of Crullathian sloops. His cruise finally came to an end 15 months after his promotion when Arrowhead was badly damaged after an encounter with two Crullathian brigs. At the end of this fifteen month cruise, Ayren had burnt, sunk or captured nearly 50 Crullathian merchant ships, and captured the two Crullathian brigs, earning the nickname "the Golden Prince" for his luck in capturing prizes.

Promoted to post-captain, Ayren then took temporary command of HMS Entente, a twenty-eight gun sixth rate frigate. Distinguishing himself in action against an enemy frigate, he would be given the newly commissioned HMS Aledia, a ship that would be synonomous with Ayren's career in the Imperial Navy. Utilizing the speed, firepower and sea-keeping ability of the large frigate to its fullest potential, Ayren would become known for his daring coastal attacks, meticiulous planning and seemingly unlimited ability to find a weakness in enemy defenses.

Having earned the right to use the title Earl of Deneve, Ayren Tochi'larian was he was now called, continued to harass and destroy Crullathian shipping for much of the remainder of the war, culminating in the recklessly audacious Battle of Denevier Bay, where he led a small squadron of first class frigates against a blockading force of line of battle ships.


MPS Dauntless off Mikona Harbor

With the end of the Third Tri-Fief War, Ayren once again faced the prospect of being beached, having little in the way of admiralty favor. Rather than languish on shore, Ayren accepted an offer from the admiralty to serve temporarily in the M'Chekian Parliamentary Navy as a senior tactical advisor and the captain of the first cannon armed M'Chekian frigate. Taking command of the newly commissioned MPS Dauntless, a small, nimble frigate of twenty-eight guns, Ayren once again displayed his abilities as a practitioner of cruiser tactics, effectively wresting control of the eastern sea.

During this time, Ayren also took an interest in the overall direction of the war itself. Believing that the longer the conflict persisted the less chance of lasting peace, Ayren threw himself into the role as a naval liaison to the M'Chekian Army, acquiring several cannons for siege operations from his native Kurathene and planning effective siege operations with the senior army staff. This strategic planning culminated in the Battle of Quithranos, where M'Chekian forces were able to land upon and capture the eastern port village of Quithranos with minimal casualties. At this time, Ayren was also instrumental in introducing several new disciplinary measures in the army itself, including the introduction of provosts which curtailed the worst excesses of occupation and siege warfare.

After the conclusion of the war, Ayren remained as the senior cruiser captain in the M'Chekian cruiser squadron, transfering from naval liaison to the army to the admiralty liaison to the newly formed M'Chekian Guards. There Ayren focused primarily upon operational and judicial aspects of the law, while commanding Dauntless on a series of highly publicized and successful anti-piracy cruises culminating in the discovery and colonization of Port Rasmus.

Senior Post-Captain and Admiral

The battle between the Combined Fleet and Tharul'Zhannadar

The War of Thorns, fought between the Third Kurathene Empire, the Crullathian Empire and its allies in Brekon and Dubunat was to see some of the most intense naval campaigning since the Third Tri-Fief War. Ayren returned to his native Kurathene and was immediately employed, now as a senior post captain to command the HMS Hyribia, a third rate ship of the line. As the war progressed, however, it became increasingly clear that it would be fought not between large fleets of ships of the line, but rather between frigates and other fast cruisers. Ayren was given several major commands during the War of Thorns, including the crack HMS Syldrian as part of Sir Edwin Warren's squadron, as well as the anti-corsair command with his beloved Aledia

After the war, Ayren returned to the south to attempt to establish a new southern squadron for anti-piracy and anti-slavery operations. The arrival of the great pyrite wyrm Tharul'zhannadar made his assignment more difficult, as pyrite dragons began to play havoc with shipping throughout Southern Negaria. Ayren was responsible for the gambit which discovered the island nest of the pyrite dragons, and was later promoted to Rear Admiral in both the M'Chekian and Imperial navies to lead the joint fleet intended to eradicate the dragon menace.

Despite treachery and deception by Tharul'Zhannadar, the fleet was ultimately successful in its goal, slaying the wyrm Tharul'Zhannadar and retaking control of the Southern Seas. Ayren was then assigned to head up the joint anti-slavery task force set up by the M'Chekian and Imperial governments, moving his flag back to the Dauntless and aggressively cracking down upon iillicit trade around M'Chek, including a memorable close blockade of the port of Mikona itself.

The Battle of Hel'bysia

A portrait of Ayren drawn shortly before the Battle of Hel'bysia

The sudden surprise attack of the Shaahesk fleet against the village of East Shore left the M'Chekian navy badly outnumbered in the Eastern Seas, ceding control of the coastline to the shaahesk. Hoping to intercept the shaahesk squadron before it could return to the safety of its home waters, Ayren led a hastily assembled squadron of frigates and sloops to intercept the shaahesk.

Faced with contrary winds, Ayren and his squadron could only approach the shaahesk after nearly a week of pursuit, finally bringing them to battle near the Hel'bysia Peninsula in T'Nanshi. There, Ayren attempted to engage the shaahesk ships from a distance while wittling down their defenses and eventually overwhelm them with his superior range and gunnery. Unfortunately, the shaahesk had learned to use the battery from the captured M'Chekian frigate Skirmisher, which allowed the shaahesk to disable Dauntless with a single lucky broadside.

Despite the best efforts of Ayren and his crew, Dauntless was eventually boarded, and sensing that his ship was lost, Ayren evacuated his men upon the ship's boats, staying behind with a small compliment of marines and his war mage Colonel Matthias Krell. Moments after the ship's boats had cleared Dauntless the frigate was consumed in flames, her powder magazine having been deliberately sabotaged.

After Hel'bysia

Contrary to initial reports, Ayren had survived the destruction of Dauntless and was rescued by Colonel Matthias Krell. Escaping to the eastern seas, the two survivors made landfall in the Wintershield Islands, taking shelter with the halflings. After several days spent recovering from their wounds and constructing makeshift weapons, Ayren and Matthias began a series of raids on the crew of a shaahesk warship that had come to water and repair. Having freed the slaves and captured the warship, Ayren rechristened the prize ship Spring Maiden's Consoliation and made his way towards M'Chek.

Eluding pursuit from a squadron of shaahesk warships, Ayren was eventually reinforced by a group of M'Chekian armed forces consisting of Nikki Tanner, Hyacinth Pike, Flenken Jolliemausch, Thaylis Beign and Ulu Elexin. With the additional forces Ayren was able to evade a shaahesk trap and capture a second ship, named Cupcake using the faster vessel to evade pursuit and return safely to Mikona. He has since been cleared of any wrong-doing for the loss of Dauntless and resumed his war against the shaahesk.

Political Career

In addition to a prolific career as a military officer, Ayren is a parliamentarian in the Imperial parliament's Chamber of Lords. There he is primarily known for his pragmatic opposition to bad naval policy, even when his own party was in power. This makes him a difficult individual to work with and prevents him from acquiring the best possible advantages of his rank. The lack of political acumen may explain why Ayren so often has faced the prospect of being left on half-pay at the end of each war despite his exemplary record.

In M'Chek, Ayren is primarily known for his philanthropic work and for his extensive business dealings with the trade houses of M'Chek. Ayren is most commonly associated with the Grumbald faction in M'Chek. His policy initiatives have included at times, plans to colonize the underdark for farming purposes and increases in anti-piracy and anti-slavery measures.

Titles and Awards

Ayren has received the following titles from the Kurathene Empire:
Earl Tochi'larian of Deneve
Viscount Tochi'larian of Denevier
Baron Tochi'larian of the Nomad
Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Kuras

In addition he also owns the following foreign awards:
Knight Companion of the Balance
Silver Unicorn Medal
Amulet of Balance

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