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The Avlis Recycling System is designed to do the following:

  • Create a market for low-level durable crafted goods.
  • Reduce the gold inflow from low-level durable crafted goods, while encouraging more PC to PC transactions.
  • Provide a means of making up for certain shortfalls in components.

System Basics

  • There are 3 categories of recyclable items: Metals (Weaponcrafting, Armorcrafting and Blacksmithing items), Organics (Carpentry and Tailoring items) and Gems (Jewelcrafting items).
  • Recycler NPCs on many servers will convert items of these categories to tokens.
  • Each item will give you tokens based on the crafting recipe level of the item. For items of all tradeskills (except Blacksmithing, see below) of crafting level 1 though 10 you receive 1 token per crafting level. For items of 11th level and higher the amount of tokens received is (crafting level)^2/4, which comes out to be:
    • 11th lvl: 30 tokens
    • 12th lvl: 36 tokens
    • 13th lvl: 42 tokens
    • 14th lvl: 49 tokens
    • 15th lvl: 56 tokens
    • 16th lvl: 64 tokens
    • 17th lvl: 72 tokens
    • 18th lvl: 81 tokens
    • 19th lvl: 90 tokens
    • 20th lvl: 100 tokens
  • Items made via Blacksmithing give you half the number of tokens listed in the progression above, rounded down.
  • Full stacks of 99 ammunition (arrows, bolts or bullets) or 50 thrown weapons (shuriken, darts or throwing axes) are considered 1 item (partial stacks are ignored).
  • All PCs can turn in 15 items per week for each token type.
  • The maximum yield per item is 100 tokens, with a maximum total of 100 tokens/week.
  • The tokens will be redeemable at "Token Store" merchants. These merchants will unlock more options with their collection of other "Junk" items, but some options may not be available for each token type. Tokens can be redeemed for the following amounts (Some DM-Drop level crafting components are available at almost every amount):
  50 Tokens: Minor Augment Crystals, moderate value crafting components, charged magic items, minor permanent magic items.
100 Tokens: Lesser Augment Crystals, higher value crafting components, charged magic items (e.g. Necklace of Weapon Enchantment) or lesser permanent magic items.
250 Tokens: Greater Augment Crystals, rarer/higher value crafting components, charged magic items (e.g. Rod of Resurrection) or greater permanent magic items.
500 Tokens: Superior Augment Crystals, even rarer/higher value crafting components (e.g. Wyrmskin or Vrock Skull), charged magic items or rare permanent magic items.
  • Augment Crystal offerings are location specific.
  • All other offerings are randomized on server reset.
  • Token merchants collect hides or aberration parts and will give you gold and XP. The more you turn in, the more offerings you get!
  • Remember if you're trying to access "more offerings" you must turn them in fully in batches of 10 each week, or it won't count towards unlocking more offerings. The amount your turn in resets each week and does not rollover. You'll still get paid though.
  • Tokens can only be spent on merchants of the same category.
  • You can check your current token total using the Avlis Command Prompt (Talk) and typing: /check tokens
  • Tokens can now be transferred to other PCs. This is done by converting tokens into chits. To convert tokens into chits use Player Tool 10 on your PC and then type:

/token convert <type> <amount>

<type> is one of the three token types (metal, gems, organic) and <amount> is the number of tokens you want to turn into chits. Chits will spawn into your inventory as items with a maximum stack size of 50.

To convert chits back into tokens, target the chit stack with Player Tool 10 and type:

/token convert <amount>

This will reduce the stack size of the chits you targeted and add them to the tokens stored on your PC.

Recycling Centers

Recycling centers are currently available on the following servers:

Junk Processing facilities are commonly housed under the same roof.

Iftan Tower

Iftan Tower incorporates its own spin on Recycling and allows to process DPLS loot.

Iftan has an arbitrary system evaluating each magical item property (Ability Bonus, Attack Bonus, Armor Class, Damage Bonus, Damage Immunity, Damage Reduction, Damage Resistance, Freedom, various Immunities, Keen, Massive Criticals, Mighty, Skill Bonus, Saving Throw bonus, bonus Spell Slot(s), Vampiric Regeneration). Iftan accounts for all magical items placed in his chest. The value of each individual item should be above a certain number. As well, the value of all the items in the chest should be above a certain higher number, which would be the value of one Iftan Chit. What properties are more valuable than others, you might ask? What is the value of one Iftan Chit? That's up to Iftan.

Each of Iftan's apprentices accept different types of magical items. The apprentices don't value some item properties such as "Light" so there are some magical items which they won't accept. Also they don't accept any mundane items, including high crafting level Artificeable items with no enchantments on them. So there will be cases where the Recycler will give more tokens for an item than the apprentices will and vice versa.

There are also cases where the Recycler will taken some items whereas the apprentices won't and vice versa. For example, the apprentices will accept DPLS loot (the Recyclers won't) while the Recyclers will accept full stacks of crafted ammunition (neither Iftan, nor his apprentices have any interest in ammunition or thrown weapons).

Note: The Recyclers hosted at Iftan's Tower are no different than any other Recycling facility.

Token Stores

Token Stores are currently available on the following servers:

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