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Note: This information is not common knowledge on the surface of Negaria.

Verloghokbol, Citadel District gates.

General Information

The city of Verloghokbol - a trading outpost to some known as the Dark City - lies somewhere in the Avlissian Underdark, nested into a vast cavern closer to the surface than any other major settlement. Adomkuro and Kharakuro are the largest racial groups. A number of Sereg'wethrin would likely constitute the next category of denizens, along with demons, perhaps. Undead are fairly represented, too. A visitor can also expect to find kuo-toa, Shaahesk (after Kimonictinus, Aarilax has the biggest temple there) and kobolds, as well as ogres, goblins, hobgoblins, and other humanoids. Verloghokbol is a melting pot of evil.

Verloghokbol Districts

Arriving to Verloghokbol from the deeper parts of the Underdark along the so-called Worm Road a traveller first enters one of the city's two farmland outskirts (Eastern: rothe farms, Western: toadstool farms) and appears on a broad lane connecting the city's gate defences and portal facilities with the rest of Verloghokbol proper; the area is usually referred to simply as Gate District and serves as a major meeting point in the city. It leads straight into the Temple District, a hub area hosting many a basilica and shrine. Two residential quarters, respectively: Eastern- and Western Residences, a governmental Citadel District and the bustling Marketplace are accessible from there, too. The Citadel District and the Marketplace also border with a harbour on the shore of an underground lake.

A Kharakuro guard, Verloghokbol.

Laws and Government

Among many factions in Verloghokbol three Cartels hold the true political power, and they are run with coin in mind. They also command the City Guard. A common misunderstanding is that the City Guard are there to uphold any laws - the guardsmen, however, are much more the strongarms for the Cartels to allow those three organizations to conduct their highly profitable business.

The Cartels themselves should be seen more as Mafia families, each controlling a part of the trade in Verloghokbol. They manage to avoid open war since their interests differ for the most part, but there are areas in which these overlap and there's a lot of covert manoeuvring going on. Numerous little street gangs which pay lipservice to the Cartels, yet operate in the niche markets and are independent also contribute to the specific ambient of the Dark City.

There is neither a codified law system in Verloghokbol nor any need for one such. Those unfortunate enough to cross the Cartels' business are dealt with swiftly and finally (the term "fine" itself quite remote from Verloghokbol's City Guard modus operandi), in a fashion brutal and effective.

  • "All who have information or means valuable to this goal are encouraged to contact the Verloghokbol Guard. All enemies of Verloghokbol, die."
  • "Soon, the Black Citadel shall also fall. All enemies of Verloghokbol, die."
  • "All threats to the security of Verloghokbol shall meet the same end. All enemies of Verloghokbol, die."
- Proclamations from the Cartels.

Count Sanvobi

Sanvobi is an ancient vampire. His faction is the smallest but wealthiest in Verloghokbol, and is composed entirely of undead. It is said Sanvobi distrusts all the living and for reasons unknown is a worshiper of Kevlos.

Mortanus the Binder

Mortanus is an Adomkuro and a delver in the black arts of demonology. Gruesome tales of dark rituals and experiments cannot be substantiated but his bodyguard and champion, Frostgore, has obviously been twisted and corrupted by some vile power. Motranus' forces are the largest in Verloghokbol, consisting of Adomkuro and demons. His faction was built by Teranoc the Defiler, whom Mortanus killed in a hostile coup.

Lord Grazakhal dub Kimon

Grazakhal, like most in his faction, is a Maleki worshipping, berserker kharakuro. His faction is strong in numbers, but lacks the discipline to maintain control of Verloghokbol.

Black Citadel

Dominating a huge cavern on the eastern outskirts of Verloghokbol is a dreaded tower known as the Black Citadel. The baron of the Black Citadel, the vasharan Lord Gorenikus, has returned after an unexplained absence of many years. The trusted head of Gorenikus' guards, Commander Raufssen, managed his affairs and ruled the Black Citadel with an iron fist while he was gone. Historically the Citadel has been in constant conflict with other factions of the Underdark and the ruling cartels of Verloghokbol. Troops were sent frequently to attack caravans and strategic buildings, always avoiding open war. Recently the Citadel has remained locked to all but a few, the militia remaining out of sight within its walled compound - until Gorenikus entered an alliance with the Spider Cult, another faction threatening the rule of the three Verloghokbolian Cartels. A short time ago mercenaries working for Mortanus the Binder infiltrated the Black Citadel and killed Lord Gorenikus. Favoured by some deity he managed to return for sure, but the Cartels of Verloghokbol have eliminated another threat. For now.


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