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Terms of Use

Remember, all info here can be changed by another Wiki user at any time. There is no guarantee that PC entries on the Wiki are accurate from an IC point of view. A PC entry on the Avlis Wiki, on its own, may not be a source of IC information. To verify Wiki-sourced PC information, please search the Avlis IC Forums, reach out to the player of said PC or to the Avlis Team.

Character Listing

To make a new entry, use this template.

This is a section for writing about your Player Characters (PCs). This may seem redundant with the boards, since those have journals and biography sections already. Furthermore, as the wiki grows, these entries can be hyperlinked into various articles that are written. So if Samwir causes trouble in Elysia, you can just click his name to read about him. Links to these bios will be added as the history section is fleshed out, so put your PC in here when you get a chance.

The template linked above will not put your character in the general PCs category, so you will need to add the following at the bottom of the page: [[Category:PCs|LastName, FirstName(s)]] (LastName is first only for sorting under the correct letter, and isn't used as the link name). If your character is based primarily on one server, you may use that server's PC category as well, or instead (MChekPCs, ElysiaPCs, FerrellPCs, etc).

It's impossible to enforce guidelines on a Wiki, but if I had to suggest some, I'd go with:
- If you think it might be controversial, it is.  Only post controversial things about your own PC.
- Only post about other PCs what can be found on the public boards, or better yet, don't post anything about them.
- A player suggested style guide for PC descriptions pages is available here -  Style Guide.
(Originally posted by Tissa)


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