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Redaptexus Childcooer
Race: Goblin
Classes: Barbarian
Guild affiliations: Reavers of Maleki, Alpha Corps
Most active on server: M'Chek
Contact: Leave a message

History Red was born in the northwest of M'chek in the foothills bordering what is now the territory of Blandenburg. Named by a travelling priest of Maleki his formative years were fraught with sibling rivalry, constant moving and several raids on his people by both human and elven army movements. Starvation was always a much clearer danger however which crystalized his tribes efforts as a whole in order for survival. Though a unifying force there were constant power struggles for leadership and decisions and likely led to more deaths over the years than all other threats combined.

As with most goblin tribes hunting was as important if not more than any other aspect of daily life and in this Redaptexus excelled. Adaptive, strong, quick and single minded he quickly learned the ways of surviving in a harsh bleak environment. His extremely aggressive nature singled him out even more and was encouraged as it was to all the young males. At the age of 6 he led a tiny raid on a farm and successfully returned with 2 dogs and 2 chickens, a great bounty in which all who took part shared. As time went on the tribes attacks became more brazen with the warzone being their primary target for night time gathering. Weapons, armour and 'meat' could be easily enough had by those careful enough to watch from a safe distance.

As time passed the tribe became more stable with the better armaments and more dangerous and brazen raids were attempted. During one such Red committed his first kill at the age of 8 at a farmhouse, stabbing the armed farmer in the back while his fellows raided the livestock. Now attracting the attention of the army the tribe used a common goblin maneuver, the split and regather. After weeks of flight many groups of goblins regathered at last and resumed their ways, largely unhindered.

With the passing of years Red grew in strength and cunning until at last he decided he wanted more out of life than his current could provide. Garbing himself in a leather jerkin with a shortsword and dagger for protection he lit his torch, took 3 mundane healing potions and set off southward, skirting the road at all times until he finally saw it, the walls of a city of humans. With great courage he approached the gates and though the guards eyed him dangerously he passed unmolested into the city of Mikona.

Mikona Mikona filled his senses. It was a place where he could do anything, be anything. Unfortunately as with most of his fellows he lacked reading, writing and a basic knowledge of a civilized society's inner workings. Still he worked hard as goblins can and began his first and only business. Specializing in 'Dog, straight from the bone' it was fairly short lived as a career dog butcher but it was during this time he met a special figure in society, the reknowned steelcaster and Reaver, Tiras Japeth. Tiras took him to the temple and spoke with him patiently about gifts Red had that others did not. Being a goblin in a city of humans didn't seem so bad anymore and if anything he felt a deeper connection to the society surrounding him, alien still though it was. Red resumed his hunting and could often be found outside the gates at a place known to the locals as 'The Rock', presumably because, as Red noted, it was a big rock. Here he began interacting with the locals, offering dog meats, a lending hand and a listening ear. Tiras would often appear and of course only the finest choice cuts were saved for him which to Red's joy (and often others dismay) were accepted graciously.

Weeks passed and Tiras brought him into eastern M'Chek one bright day where he stated, a gathering was happening. What came in the darkened cave on the cliffside none but those who witnessed can tell. Red was seen in the armour of the Reavers after that and no longer cowered as he had at meeting new faces. At times he spoke of the great event, that he had been there when it was passed on. "A knife it was but a knife no more it is" then laugh about it. Life was pretty good.

Alpha Corps and the M'Chekan Armed Forces Redaptexus listened often to the tales of the battles fought far to the north near where he grew up. He met some of the soldiers and even heard of another goblin fighting for the army. Red signed up, got his armour and cloak and began a military career. His tactics were typical of his race. Not complex, hurriedly thought up or spur of the moment followed by a retreat. Weeks passed by in the trenches and gullys til at last he was sent word that based merely on his ability to survive so well he was afforded an introduction to Captain Jake Bentsen, leader of M'Chek's finest military regiment, The Alpha Corps. After a brief meeting he was welcomed into their ranks where he met such notable figures as Dala Wennen who would take over for Bentsen, Jared Evershield now Lord Evershield married to Lady Emilia Finmaegen, Magnus Khan who became General Khan of the M'Chekan Army, Spit-Mage at Arms of the Ebony Order, Llyshra Dald who he watched always. Gareth Rosethorne, Roland Barre, Madon Dethrune, Tianni Isiwylde, Quat and the goblin he had heard about, Baal Esh-Baal, a sergeant no less. The two were from different tribes but agreed on almost everything together. Baal was a known priest of Maleki and would encourage Red on the field.

Tactics were the main diet of the following days and weeks...and months. The Alpha Corps drilled their techniques constantly and Red was threatened with violence and expulsion more than once after them but he did his best and knew the worth of what he was being taught. Where other cultures of barbarians spoke that dying in battle was the greatest honour a berserk could dream of, goblins believed that killing your opponent and taking what he had for yourself is much more profitable and enjoyable in the end. Scouting, hit and run, defensive formations, attack formations, hand to hand combat, everything was covered and he learned from the best.

Campaign after campaign he fought with his new family. The battles between elf and man were frenzied places of activity. He never understood exactly why they couldn't just burn them out, still doesn't. He earned their trust and they earned his. It was one day when the woods to the north were silent and the broken lands to the south were hushed he was approached by Lt. Dethrune. The war was over. Red presumed victory but the lieutenant just shook his head, lost in his own thoughts. When asked if M'Chek had lost Dethrune could only say "No. They lost it for us" speaking of people who had never fought on the field, never shed their own or anothers blood for the brown dusty dirt that they lived in everyday.

Their travel back to Mikona City was quiet and confusing to Red. Madon left him at the gates and disappeared within the walls. Red watched the faces of the soldiers as they returned. Though they met their loved ones with an embrace none of them seemed happy. Red was approached by an army official and ordered to hand over his armour a few weeks later. The tall thin man with soft looking hands was refused in front of others and told never would he part with his armour. The people near The Rock stirred, some of them ex-army. The man left and never came back for it. Sometime after the statue in front of the Joint House was raised and a ceremony given in commemoration of The Alphas. Red's name was not among his bretheren and he was not afforded an esteemed cloak, his name was not even called out.

Feeling forgotten by the country he had fought and killed for he wandered without any real path. Mentions of the M'Chekan Guard were brought up by old mates but he was rejected. He just wasn't proper for a guard they said.

One day he departed on a boat set for The Seven Cities. In the raiments of a Reaver with his now old and pitted elf sticker at his side he sailed off.

The Lost Years For years Redaptexus stepped out of the history of the southern lands. Little is known of his comings and goings but he was a figure in Malekia in the goblin population. Whatever things he did, they eventually turned his mind back to Mikona as he arrived back on the docks one day.

Home Again Red returned from his travels changed and not so lost. Though still shorter than those around him he walks or runs wherever he wants and talks with a pride about his accomplishments whether to a peasant or a noble and doesn't take insults lightly. Still as bloodthirsty as any berserk that has ever lived he has learned to calculate his odds rather than throw himself headlong into a fray.