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Out Of Character Information:

The game servers on Avlis began in the south, extending further and further north as additional servers were added. The first server was the city of Mikona, and after a short the wilderness server was added, first only the southern part, M'Chek, and shortly thereafter the northern part, T'Nanshi too. Then followed, in order, Elysia, Le'Or T'Nanshi, Ferrell, Deglos, Kuras, Visimontium, Kurathene and Underdark. Ithilla had been in development. Kuras and Kurathene have since been discontinued, while the Wilderness has been split into its two constituent parts. Complete list of all current servers:

Deglos | Elysia | Ferrell | Ithilla | Kuras | Kurathene | Le'Or T'Nanshi | M'Chek | Mikona | T'Nanshi | Underdark | Visimontium

The maps below shows Negaria, the main continent of the world of Avlis. It is divided into a variety of nations and regions.

Nations and Major Regions

Political Map of Avlis
Political Map of Avlis

This section will give descriptions of the nations and regions, starting with M'Chek and working north up to Tyedu.

Major Cities

Map of Negaria

Towns, Villages and Keeps

By Name

"IC" Map of Negaria

By Nation/Region

Other Landmarks


Negaria possesses a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal plains to central mountain ranges and grand valleys and canyons traversed by extensive river systems.

Mountain Ranges

The two largest mountain ranges lie in the nation of Degolos.

Chasms, Caverns and Canyons

Forests and Gardens




Major Ports

Physical World and Nature

Weather and Climate

Life and Biology

Physical Materials