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Dubunat Map.jpg
Map of Dubunat
Other Names: The Bandit Nation
Capital: Cronthetus
Region: Western Negaria
Population: 15,327,000
Orcs 85%, 15% Other (primarily humans/goblins and slaves)
Languages: Orcish, Common
Deities Worshipped: The'ton (primary), Valok
Head of State: King Garnak Croneus IX
Government: Monarchy
Military: Dubunati Army
Imports: Manufactured goods, slaves
Exports: Raw ores, foodstuffs, lumber
Trading Partners/Alliances: Brekon (major trading partner), The Seven Cities (major trading partner), Drotid (minor trading partner), Crullath (major trading partner)

General Information

Dubunat lies directly south of the Orcish nation of Brekon. It too is a bastion for orcs, though its society has diverged slightly from its northern neighbor. During the Great War, the orcs were chased across the continent from their ancestral nation of Dobrekan. They held out on the west coast where they founded these two nations. Historically, the area now called Dubunat was loosely under control of the military commanders in Brekon. The remnants of the Dobrekanian army were marginally grounded in the south, but as the war drew to a close, reinforcements were needed to establish order in the newly forming Brekon. So the troops gradually migrated north, leaving only the rabble and normal citizenry in place.

Quickly, this situation degenerated into banditry. The area now controlled by Dubunat was a common trade route between the southern nations and the Kurathene Empire. This made it very easy for the bandits to make a living. One particular orc bandit named The'ton struck it big in the area, and became somewhat of a bandit King in his own right. Using ingenious tactics of fear and intimidation, The'ton managed to control the trade route through the future nation of Dubunat completely, and use the riches derived from it to further organize the rest of the orc bandits in the area.

Over time, The'ton became a very powerful immortal who managed to piece together the nation of Dubunat from the rabble of bandits and make them self-sufficient. He founded the city of Cronthetus in a well-defended valley near the northwest part of the country, and it later became the capital of the nation he called Dubunat, meaning "Rightness through strength".

This transformation into a nation was completed roughly five hundred years after the end of the Great War. During that whole time The'ton remained its immortal King, bearing many children in his harems. He took great pains to eliminate all who opposed him, and did anything he could to gain more followers. Eventually, his transformation into a Demigod was marked by Mikon and he was retrieved from his place where he is said to have been taken to sit at Valok's right hand, for he was always loyal to Valok in his mortal days.

The descendents of The'ton have ruled Dubunat as a monarchy ever since. The nation is very orderly, for having started from a collection of bandits, however its order is more punctuated by the rule of might makes right. Those who are strong get to make the laws. Those who obey the laws will gain respect from the strong, so long as they remain useful.

Most of Dubunat's inhabitants are orcs. Most normal citizens are mere farmers, having turned from their bandit ways, however all are required to serve in the military, which is often regarded still as a group of bandits by the surrounding nations, for they still harry patrols from Toran Shaarda and T'Nanshi. Relations with its northern neighbor are generally good, though Brekon often becomes jealous of Dubunat's triumphs and has sometimes sought to conquer pieces of it in the past, but normally Brekon is more concerned with dealings in the Kurathene Empire.

Though Dubunat is a monarchy, it has no discernable feudal system, but instead it allows appointed governors to oversee portions of the country. These governors are often stern and try to control every little village in order to gain as much as they can for themselves, however a few have been known to be lazy and lax. Those villages often resort to being led by people from the inside who have managed to rise to the top of the pecking order in the name of the governor.

Current Events

With several strong regional leaders emerging, Dubunat is presently rather divided, despite the strength of its individual regions. These leaders have made a point of asserting as much autonomy from the Dread Crown as possible, though few have openly declared independence. This state of affairs has led to some in Brekon to contemplate a military intervention in Dubunat to retake some of the old orcish territories.

Dubunati princes and counts are eager to extend their influence abroad, for they feel the one with the largest trading partners will also be favored to win the crown next. As a result there are many seeking to establish trade relations with states traditionally out of Dubunat’s reach, and one prince in particular has his eye on the lucrative slave trade with Drotid.