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Map of the Seven Cities

Dormiria, also known as The City of Refugees, is located on the northeast corner of the land that contains The Seven Cities right on the border with the orcish nation of Brekon.

Dormiria is a popular place for those who are fleeing the laws of other nations or groups because it has a very lenient government that does not look kindly upon intrusions by outside forces to affect their own justices. For orcish refugees it is especially popular because it is easy to get to, yet not as frequented by orcish officials as the city of Red Gate, which is much closer to the orcish capitol city of Brekon.

This makes the city a breeding ground for all those who are disaffected with deities like Valok and The'ton, and those who wish to engage in activities not looked kindly upon by the orcish nations. Many of the rising numbers of orcish mages can be found here because of that, and some of these folk are managing to gain a foothold in the Dormirian government as well.

Naturally, this neutrality and seeming propensity to harbor outlaws puts Dormiria at odds with its orcish neighbor, and quite a few skirmishes have broken out in Brekon's attempts to force its way in after one of its interests. Because of the position it enjoys as part of the confederacy of The Seven Cities, Dormiria is unafraid of Brekon and uses these benefits to its solid advantage.

The term "refugee" does not describe objectively whether a creature is unseedy or benign whatsoever. Thus, personalities and races of all kinds can be found in Dormiria. Unfortunately, many of them are paranoid in nature, but they currently have confidence in the government to protect them from outside nabbers.

On the other hand, this paranoia is also counterproductive to Dormirian culture and economics. The city port is used more often to smuggle persons out of the area than it is used to bring in goods for sale or trade. A large personal protection trade has risen up because of this, and many of the best bodyguards and caravan protectors can be found here, which makes them Dormiria's largest export.

Some of the refugees have managed to piece together a small merchant economy inside the city, and a market district of sorts has sprung up in the city within the last few decades. One can also find some fairly nice houses in the center district which house the nobles of the city and its government buildings. There is also a highly developed town watch police force based in the east of the city that works to keep meddlers from other governments out of the city, and it is rumored that some of these are actually "secret" guards that go in plain clothes and get involved in underworld dealings in order to pre-empt outside interference.