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Mage Orders
White Ivory Green
Blue Ashen Red
Gold Ebony Violet
The nine founding members of the Overlight Branch gather with The Master
Some of the Violet mages making an appearance at the 2010 Ferrell Trade Fair
A meeting of Violet Magi within the Dark City's Tower 9/23/10
Violet Order of the Skull


Tenets: Anarchy. Ambition. Freedom.
Restrictions: Wizards and Sorcerers only.
Base of Operations:
Great Magi:
Senior Magi:
  • Senior Mage of Crosstreams - Ibrin Yolchet ((NPC))
  • Senior Mage of Dormiria - Orfanos, Steelcaster ((NPC))
  • Senior Mage of Elysia - Vacant
  • Senior Mage of Ka Kimon - Vandrammes ((NPC))
  • Senior Mage of Malekia - Caliope Lightsbane ((NPC))
  • Senior Mage of Mikona - Vacant
  • Senior Mage of Verloghokbol - Sinomi Sii, Deathless Master
  • Senior Mage of Visimontium - Gurth Istar, Senior Palemaster
Notable Member Magi:

Advanced Mage Specializations (AMS):

  • Lilliana Be'letane (Teacher Rank)


  • Jake Cruze (2nd Rank)


  • Karrek Asen (3rd Rank)

History of the Violet Order of the Skull:

The Violet Order of the Old Fold of Nine and the present day Violet Order of the Skull are loosely linked. During Andrinor's rise to power the remnants of the Fold were divided in their reaction. The White Order led by Archmage Chert Lanassen, believed that the Andrinor should not hold control over the Vortex, while the Archmagi of the Ebony and Gold Orders (Cyprian and Reyes, respectively), on the other hand, joined forces to form the Black Order with the goal of seizing the control of the Vortex of Mortal Magic for themselves. The Gray Order under Archmage Apara, on the other hand, desired that neither of these two factions should achieve their aims and thus did their utmost to oppose both of them. Seeing the danger of being involved in these violent machinations, the rest of the Orders of the Fold went into hiding in an attempt to distance themselves and thus avoid incurring the wrath of this new god once he inevitably reached his apotheosis. The old Violet Order numbered amongst this last group, retreating into the Underdark and relinquishing their remaining influence upon the surface to avoid the wrath of Andrinor when he learned of the other Orders' plans.

As with all societies of this nature, without a strong leader or goal to unite them there was little to preserve structure. Many of the magi who fled into the Underdark soon broke away and formed numerous smaller groups and factions. For an unknown amount of time, these magi spread throughout the Underdark. At some point during this time a powerful mage, known by most as Wolf, began to unite the Violet Order once again. The means by which he achieved this feat are lost to history, however it may be speculated that Wolf simply hunted down the leaders of the small bands and wrested control from their cold, dead hands, repeating the process until the required level of submission was rendered to him. Once united by the now Archmage Wolf, the Violet Order's influence began to spread throughout the Underdark, reaching as far as Ka Kimon itself.

Eventually, after many, many years of continuous expansion within the Underdark, the Order's influence reached the surface once again. However for the vast majority of the magi of this incarnation of the Violet Order, the affairs of the surface held little or no interest. Thus, when the Violet Order emerged from its long exile to take its place as the ninth and final Order of the now completed Trust of Andrinor, precious few of the existing Violet magi travelled up from the Underdark with it. Instead, the surface contingent of the Order was formed by the many magi who chose to leave the Ebony Order for the Violet at this time. While their reasons for doing so may have been diverse, these magi cooperated with each other and with Wolf to bring the philosophies and methods of the Violet magi to life in the Overlight once more, and in the process became co-founders of the modern Violet Order of the Skull.

Since the formation of the Violet Order of the Skull, their influence has spread greatly throughout Avlis, reaching from the southern tip of M'Chek up to Malekia. At this time, the Violet Order's power is split between the two main factions: the Surface magi and the Underdark magi. While most are willing and able to work together to accomplish mutual goals, there is still a vast division between the two.

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