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Note: This is a historic entry for an Order of Andrinor's Trust. For currently active guilds, please see: Academy of Mortal Magic Houses

Green Order of the Forest

Sedera Yerak'Le'Yeritath

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Green With Treant
Green in the Woods
Greens going Caving

Base: Technically Le'Or T'Nanshi, but that isn't really strict.

Philosophy: Liberty, Compassion, Freedom as cited in the HMC approved book The Green Order of the Forest

Purpose: One of the mage orders of Avlis. The Green Order handles many Arcane issues relating to Nature, T'Nanshi and Forests in general. We are not, however completely seated in the forest. There are others that share our beliefs, even if bereft of trees and soforth, and the Green Order supports them as well...

Contact: Any Green Order Mage is as good as the other, due to the lack of any real organisational structure in regards to recruitment. However, the following are good contact points.


  • Archamge: Ezarie Naen NPCs

Great Mages

  • Great Mage of Relations: Deostori
  • Great Mage of Internal Affairs: Tanaes Orath Great Mage of Internal Affairs NPCs
  • Great Mage of Arms:

Senior Mages

High Mage Council Members

Other Positions and Members

Advanced Mage Specializations (AMS)


  • Ammika Beign (3rd Rank)
  • Deostori (Teacher Rank)


  • Ariana (2nd Rank)
  • Ayslynne (2nd Rank)
  • Catrionae Dy'nei (3rd Rank)
  • Thienna Skybreaker (Teacher Rank)

White Necromancer

  • Beruffi Hoppen (1st Rank)
  • Arcadia Dias (3rd Rank)

Synopsis of the Green Order

A tree grows...

Twisted and contorted by the forces of nature, its adaptability ensures strong, proud growth and is that which shapes its outer beauty. The Green Order of the Forest holds firm to the belief that, like the tree, life is fluid and unpredictable, each new day presenting us with a unique set of circumstances in which yesterday's decisions bear little merit for today's judgments. For these reasons, Green Mages let the very goodness within their own hearts guide their actions and decisions. Their approach to magic and its use is spontaneous yet never reckless, for above all else their arcane gift is seen as a blessing to be used appropriately for the greater good of all creatures and they tread the path to righteousness even if its course appears unseemly to others. They are a discrete group, for their methods may at times be misunderstood and even frowned upon by their peers, but the well-being of the world and protection of all that is good is their only focus, to be achieved by whatever means necessary.

Little regard is given to rank and organization within the order, for each member is respected as an individual of equal value, whose talents should be allowed to bloom to their fullest potential, nurtured, not stifled by imposed formalities. What loose structure does exist within the order is only as is required by the Order's place within the larger mage society. Any positions seemingly official are somewhat unofficial for those within the order itself. Such positions are seen as necessary impositions gracefully undertaken by those appointed. They are never aspired to and only rarely recognized, especially by those that hold them. However, these 'positions' are awarded as a mark of respect and faith in those chosen to be most fitted to serving.

The beliefs of the order are akin to the teachings of Dru'El and so it is often noted that membership is rich in both his faithful and Elves alike, but in no way is it restricted to such. Through their willingness to help others and their like-minded free and easy nature, the Green Order of the Forest has become a close family and as well as a tight-knit force.

Dru'El v'Andrinor Berath Lenu.''

Note: Choosing a mage order is a long and important process for a mage — take your time, speak to members of every order you can find, and make your decision from there.