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Vortex of Mortal Magic

Sorcerers, wizards and bards of the mortal races draw their power from an invisible vortex of energy that permeates the entire world of Avlis, called the Vortex of Mortal Magic. The goddess Andria controls the Vortex of Mortal Magic and thus has the power to determine which individuals have access to it. As the goddess of magic, all mages acknowledge her as being in control and most, though not all, ascribe loyalty to her because she is the source of their power.

Vortex Ranks

OOC Information

Previously referred to as Trust Ranks, in reference to the defunct Trust of Andrinor.

Vortex Ranks do not exist as a verbatim IC concept at this time. Rather, they are a game mechanics reflection of a PC's standing in relation to the Mortal Magic world, and their connection to the Vortex. Vortex Ranks may be granted to mages of renown (eg. the Moderator of the Magisterium). This is a DM reward for exceptional roleplay, not something you can gain from a quest.

• The default is 0 (no Vortex Ranks). A caster with Vortex Rank 1 will receive +2 to their caster levels, +2 to spell DCs, +25% to applicable spell caps. A caster with Vortex Rank 2 will receive double these numbers.

• Vortex Ranks are separate from Academy of Mortal Magic (AMM) membership. i.e. receiving a membership with the AMM does not mean receiving a Vortex Rank.

• Vortex Ranks are separate from Advanced Magic Specialization (AMS) Ranks. Vortex Ranks, where present, may amplify the effects of some AMS specializations, in addition to the AMS Rank.

• Vortex Ranks are separate from Favored Status. For example, a hypothetical character with Cleric and Sorcerer levels may have Vortex Ranks as a Sorcerer, and also be a Favored Cleric of Andria. When they cast an Epic Spell, both of these are factored in calculating the spell DC.

The ACP /check magic command will report Vortex Ranks if present.


Throughout the history of Avlis, strange beings and forces have intermixed with the populace. The ancient Tanar'ri invaders, as well as the native spirits, have left legacies that exist in small pockets where this sort of occurrence can be quite common. Occasionally, the blood of these beings resurfaces in one of their descendants who manifests their heritage through the powers of sorcery.

Sorcerers will embrace whatever religions prove worthy in their life experience. Those that gain their sorcerous blood from a living entity, such as a demon lord or deity, will often worship the entity who is responsible for their gift.


At low levels, wizards are allowed to practice magic uninhibited. As they rise in power, they begin to gain the attention of the magical organizations that regulate use of the Vortex. If a wizard allies with one of these organizations, they are granted privileges, incentives, and extra abilities. Conversely, if a wizard chooses to be independent, they will be harassed and possibly even abused for their unwillingness to conform. At certain points in history, they have even had their powers curtailed.

Though wizards may follow any god, all of them acknowledge the divinity of the goddess Andria in particular due to her control of the Vortex of Mortal Magic and her dominion over Arcane Knowledge.

Academy of Mortal Magic

Following the dissolution of Andrinor's Trust, the Houses of the Academy of Mortal Magic remain a beacon for the wielders of the arcane. The Academy of Mortal Magic is governed by a Board which receives consultation from the Magisterium. The Academy is famous for Advanced Magic Specializations.