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Greater (foreign): Clangeddin | Titania | Corellon Larethian | Tobin | Ptah | Gruumsh | Blibdoolpoolp
Intermediate: Andria | Dagath | Hurine | Ingoren | Mishlekh
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  • Symbol: A vortex of energy
  • Colors: Red
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Worshippers' Alignment: Any
  • Area of Control: The Mortal Magic Vortex, Arcane Power and Arcane Knowledge
  • Clerical Domains: Air, Magic, Knowledge, Water

Andria is the sole steward of the magic drawn from the Mortal Magic Vortex. Whenever a wizard, bard, or sorcerer casts a spell, they are drawing energy from the Mortal Magic Vortex.

Once, the god Andrinor was the master of Mortal Magic. In the Year of the Red Star, 2271 A.O.D., Andrinor vanished. His eldest daughter, Andria, took custody over Mortal Magic and directed the Orders of Andrinor's Trust to reform under the Academy of Mortal Magic.

Andria's church remains informal and is not heavily organized. It remains common for her clerics to double as wizards or sorcerers. These individuals are granted cleric spells from Andria as normal through the God Magic Vortex but it should be noted that Andria's clerics remain unable to Detect Alignment of any type as Andrinor's were.

In 2 A.R., Andria aided Ethraeli and Stephanus in their schemes against Angadar and Bobil, which came to fruition in the event now called "The Humbling of Angadar". Though not privy to their plans until they came to her for aid, the young goddess was made an offer she could not in good conscience refuse. In exchange for her aid in creating the ritual to summon, bind, and weaken Bobil, she was offered the opportunity to take Angadar's mantle of Arcane Knowledge. Confronted with the possibility of the mantle instead falling into the hands of Ethraeli, Stephanus, or traded away by either one to an equally belligerent deity as Angadar, and the opportunity to make whole two mantles that should have never been set apart, Andria agreed.

It is said that Andria still hopes to see a reconciliation between herself and Angadar, and that this is why she refrained from making a killing blow when she could have done so.

Andrinor was often disorganized and unpredictable in his methods, but out of necessity people of all races and alignments worshipped him. While many did so with enthusiasm, others did so grudgingly. This is because Andrinor considered magic a delicate art that needed to be respected, and he took great care to enforce it.

Andria has a temple in Visimontium, and a shrine in Mikona. Each branch of the Academy of Mortal Magic includes a chapel dedicated to Andria as well.